Jul 05, 2005
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Pass created a Page  -  Mar 26, 2009

This trap script is designed to /sajoin and /sapart a user from a specified amount of channels, occasionally causing them to disconnect from the server. The script is for IRCOps, and is intended for use on personal (or small/friendly) servers.

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Pass created a Page  -  Sep 12, 2008

Description These two aliases allow for greater hashtable manipulation by adding/removing specified text to/from a table item's data.

Pass created a Page  -  Aug 24, 2008

Description This code is used for embedding a file into a picture. The output file is located in the $mircdir and by default is named "output.EXT" (.EXT represents the respective picture extension).

Pass created a Page  -  Aug 13, 2008

This code is useful for filtering out any unwanted text, whether it be replacing it or banning the user. All options and settings can be found in the menu. I've commented the aliases with their syntax and descriptions.

Pass created a Page  -  Jan 16, 2008

I originally made this for a blacklist script, but made a more 'universal' version that can be used by multiple scripts. One such usage may be for a quick nickname completor.

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Pass created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2007

This blacklist uses hashtables to store the data in order to easily maintain the list. This updated version contains a console to control the blacklist in, although only touching the basic commands.

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Pass created a Page  -  Jan 12, 2006

Improved version of both /amsg and /ame. Easy enough to use: Paste into remotes [alt+r] & executed by "/amsg " [or] "/ame "

Pass created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2005

Easily used: /anick [nickname] [password] It adds $1, the nickname, to an auto-identify hash table with $2, the password. Just paste in your remotes, and you're ready to go.

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