Jun 19, 2005
New Jersey

Code Snippets

err2 created a Page  -  Aug 20, 2006

Liak, long time since I posted a snippet. Lawl. Anyway, Liak, simple Auto nick identifer I made... Has a Menubar feature to add nicks, delete nicks, and look at nicks that are used for auto identifying. Liak, I added a feature so it auto identifies when you change yer nick. Hope you enjoy it :X

err2 created a Page  -  Nov 23, 2005

its a simple away script. just put this into yer remotes and type /awayness to set yerself away or type it again to set yerself back. enjoy :D

err2 created a Page  -  Nov 21, 2005

i used the piglatin idea from Sasuke and enexif's alias (hope you don't mind) to make a piglatin talker. it replaces any text you type into piglatin talk. use the /enable #pigg | /disable #pigg commands to turn it on or off. enjoy o_o! P.S. If it doesn't seem like it to you, i gave credit to Sasuke and enexif

err2 created a Page  -  Nov 05, 2005

this is my popups. its a combination of other popups that i have. put them in yer remotes section. +Gives credit to teh ppl who made some parts of this popups+ +huggles+ :D

err2 created a Page  -  Oct 29, 2005

this is intentionally for people who have yvd (and go to #yvd on xerocreative.). every 30 lines of talking, it asks for a duel in #yvd automatically. so u dont have to keep typing and that junk. again, you can turn it on or off if it gets annoying. enjoy :D

err2 created a Page  -  Oct 29, 2005

this is my raw numeric figure out-er. it opens a window that shows the raw events and its numerics. u can turn it off or on if it gets annoying using /rawon and /rawoff

err2 created a Page  -  Jul 11, 2005

this snippet is to auto join a channel and to auto identify teh nick u r gunna use. u can make copies of them in your remotes section if u have a nick with a different pass word. just replace (password) and (channel) with... well u know. this is muh first snippet. enjoy!

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