May 09, 2005

Code Snippets

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jan 29, 2010

Well its been 4-5 years since iv been on this site.. i havnt realy got any more better at scripting since i quit..

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UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jan 17, 2006

paste into remote or paste into a txt file save as calc.mrc, then load -rs calc.mrc , right click in channel for use

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jan 17, 2006

put it in remote, or paste it int oa txt file and save as 'power.mrc' infot your $mircdir, then load -rs lower.mrc, once u got it in, right click in channel/pm window, power and its there

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UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Nov 12, 2005

This script is simple, and usefull for when ur away, or afk, it lets you know who wanted you at time/date/channel, copy+paste into text file, save as " highlight.mrc ", put into mirc.dir, type in mirc /load -rs highlight.mrc , have fun :)

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jul 16, 2005

K, Here's a simple cup bot, iv never made one before, so there might be some stuff missing, but it works fine, to my testing, but if u find any bugs, please PM me to let me know, thx

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jul 13, 2005

Here's a global blacklist i made ( with help from wiebe, thx fella ) its a global blacklist for a ot, commands are below, hf ;o

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jun 13, 2005

its about time i updated this lol, so here it is, all cmds are below.

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  Jun 01, 2005

Here's a new auth system iv made, its with the hello,auth,requestpassword , and works great, iv tested it, but if u do find a big please contact me thx :)

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  May 24, 2005

ok here's an updated version of my mix bot, its got a little more functions .

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  May 23, 2005

Here's somthing that isnt very usfull , wel it can be if u cba putting ur mouse right down the left bottom corner :P , its the start menu on windows but in mIRC , i was seriously bored so thought i make it lol :/ , hf hehe

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  May 15, 2005

LO, This is a more advanced version to the one allready posted, its got stats, and you only ot 5 tries to get the number!

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  May 12, 2005

Iv seen alot of request on the forums this, and a m8 of mine just asked for one, so here is one. its got a !add/!remove channel , so if u dont want it to join certan channels just add them :)

UK-Sw1ft created a Page  -  May 09, 2005

This is a mix script i made for a friend, it works perfect, all cmds are above the script, please dont change it, apart from colours :), thx, hf with it, btw it only supports 5 players! :D

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