Sep 05, 2019

mIRC Code Snippets

gennarino created a Page  -  Mar 30, 2023

GeoIP localization for hidden IPs Address. Some IP addresses are not visible because users connect throught Web-Interfaces to IRC. In most cases IP is hidden in the IDENT field as Hex number. In this case this snippet can help to build a correct request for WEB Based GeoIP localization sites. In very few cases the IP is not shown in any way: here there is nothing that I can do. Of course I do not have..

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gennarino created a Page  -  Dec 22, 2020

Converts normal text into styled text using Unicode. The conversion is done using the corresponding unicode character in another font. All the users on IRC should see the unicode font instead of their original font for messages. The output is displayed in UNICODE case-sensitive.

gennarino created a Page  -  Dec 07, 2020

I wrote some aliases for my scripts. They might be of any use for some of you so I decided to post them here. You can install them just as any other mirc script: ALT-R for remote, NEW_FILE, past the following code and SAVE. Now you have a few aliases to handle your notes.

gennarino created a Page  -  Apr 29, 2020
gennarino created a Page  -  Sep 05, 2019

Words Frequencies using hash table! I wrote this script to learn hash tables. Copy the source in your script editor and you get a new menu tab called Words. The Top10 and Bottom10 aliases where taken from the official mirc documentation

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