Apr 20, 2012

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kiri commented on a Page, xChat Away Nicks  -  May 07, 2012

I do not think is a good idea to use it

timerxaway $+ $network 0 10 /raw -q who *

on a lot of people will have server problems and anyway you do not need to know that those who are on shows or you are so /who $chan would be better

Error, /who limit of 50 exceeded. Please narrow your search down and try again
at this alias

alias nickaway {
  cnick -a $1 4

you're not sure this feature is enabled in abook
why not use
/cline [c] <@nom>

we flood you with this

echo -t $active 14 $+ $6 is away.

uses a addtok and does everything correctly on a line

together with your raw event

raw *:*:{
if $numeric == 352 {
elseif ...

alias in your back you do not even checked that you are away if you're not, you will become so used away $away
we join in thy Who uses $ chan
on me:*:JOIN:#:who $chan

I have not watched the rest of the code attentively

kiri commented on a Page, -check (id)  -  May 05, 2012

ok je me disais bien ^^
en gros je te conseil de rassembler tout tes event on *text:#:{ en un seul event comme je te l'ai montré
quand tu codes mets pas de salons spécifiques dans les remotes, tu peux pas obligé les gens à aller sur les salons que tu décides toi
au niveau de l'alias tu as fais n'importe quoi lol en gros je te disais de le mettre dans le code mais juste en le rajoutant en dessous de ton code la ton code ne doit surement pas fonctionner
si tu veux discuter viens sur salon #Script-Help

kiri commented on a Page, -check (id)  -  May 05, 2012

when you post a code you have to think it must be configurable so you can not force people to be on a show for your specific remote functions
look at my example I have used one on *:text:#:{ }

the tags
are to get to the next line is not careful

which language you speak frederik and @MoMy ?

kiri commented on a Page, -check (id)  -  May 04, 2012

First put all in one event

on *:text:*:#:{
  if $nick isop $chan {
    if $1 == -chelp { msg # chelp }
    elseif $1 == -addname && $2 { msg # addname }
  else {
    if $1 == -addfbid { msg # addfbid }

Then why put names of salons in the last two events?

ON *:TEXT:-check &:#sexychat: { 
on *:TEXT:-check*:#teamsevent: { 

and you put your alias to an alias instead of asking people to put in the alias section

alias isnumber {
  %cislo = $calc($calc($1 / 1) * 2)
  if (%cislo != $calc($1 * 2) || %cislo == 0) { msg # $nick $+ : Please put Facebook ID . | halt }
kiri commented on a Page, Chatspace Memo System  -  May 01, 2012

you should have done a single event and you sent the raw data in the same event almost 519

Suggestion :

raw *:*:{
  if !$dialog(memos.system) {
    if ($istok(275.269,$numeric,46) memod
    elseif $numeric == 277 { memod | var %x = $5 | .set %memotime $asctime($ctime(%x 1/1/1), h:nn:ss TT) | did -az memos.system 1 $2-4 %memotime $6- }
  else {
    if $numeric == 519 {
      if ($2 == $me) {
        did -rav memos.system 12 your nick must be registered before you can send a memo to someone
      else {
        did -rav memos.system 12 your memo to $2 could not be sent because $2-
      did -h memos.system 1,2,4-6,9 
      did -v memos.system 3,7-8
      did -rnav memos.system 13 enter a nick to send a memo to
    elseif ($numeric == 276) did -az memos.system 2 $2-
alias memod dialog $iif($dialog(memos.System),-v,-md memos.System) memos.System

and everywhere in your code collects orders possible

lines : 60-64

did -v memos.system 2,3,13
      did -h memos.system 1,4
      did -m memos.system 13
      did -r memos.system 2,13
      did -a memos.system 13 Memo $gettok($did(1).seltext,1,32) from $gettok($did(1).seltext,2,32)
      did -v $dname 3
      did -h $dname 1,4
      did -vr $dname 2
      did -rvam $dname 13 Memo $gettok($did(1).seltext,1,32) from $gettok($did(1).seltext,2,32)

and I see you doing that

did-h memos.system 2,3,7-8,12-13

but as to the function of 12,13 - not used here

can also be added to warn that this can only use if you are registered

 if r isincs $ usermode

if you make a next version you can make a counter letters still possible in the message, for example :)
good coding ;)

kiri commented on a Page, Mass Spammer 0.7 Beta (For Fun/Revenge)  -  Apr 28, 2012

Name your timer : timerspam 0 $1 ...
To stop him /.timerspam off

kiri commented on a Page, Very Simple Away/AFK Script  -  Apr 28, 2012

Yes it is gouts and colors of people that :p
Later I go to the simplest not need of x alias for the same function in the end ^^

kiri commented on a Page, Mass Spammer 0.7 Beta (For Fun/Revenge)  -  Apr 27, 2012

At what level?
Your code is just but lines 10 your color code is stuck on $2-

.timer 1 $calc(%n *2) msg $1 $2- 

What does not allow the sending of the text

kiri commented on a Page, Very Simple Away/AFK Script  -  Apr 27, 2012

I do not see much use for over two aliases $away you can see if when you throw our alias you are away or not and act accordingly

kiri commented on a Page, Mass Spammer 0.7 Beta (For Fun/Revenge)  -  Apr 27, 2012

Jethro your code is correct but you pasted color-code $2-

here's what I'll do :
//spam notice $me 2 10 5 test

alias spam {
  if !$1 || !$2 || !$3 || !$4 || !$5 || !$6 || !$regex($1,/(msg|notice)/i) || $3 !isnum || $4 !isnum || $5 !isnum { echo -at Syntax : /spam <msg|notice> <nick,nicks,...> <number of lines> <how often repeat on the same line>  <all the time x> <text> }
  else {
    $+($chr(46),$1) $2 You will be spammed all the $duration($5)
    var %n = 1, %n1 = $3
    while (%n <= %n1) {
      .timer 1 $5 $+($chr(46),$1) $2 $str($$6- $+ $chr(32) , $+ $4 $+ )
      inc %n

the code is not specifically optimized but it shows the possibilities in a few lines
can be used a $istok instead of regex ( !$istok(msg.notice,$1,46) )
what is practical is done you can send your message to several people <nick1,nick2,..>

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