Mar 02, 2012
South Carolina, USA
Computer Programming

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SSIhekill created a Page  -  Jun 01, 2012

Another simple script that I made: This will convert binary into integer form, with output always ranging from 0 to 255. If you supply a string that is too short, it will be prefixed with the correct number of zeroes to put it into correct form. If you supply extra, the string is truncated. If you supply something other than a 0 or 1, it's ignored completely, and does not count toward the length of..

SSIhekill created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2012

Another simple script, /genpass will generate a random password of random length(length between 8 and 64) and send it to the mkpasswd command, which is handy for oper blocks. randgen just makes the random string, and I use it for a variety of functions. Edit: added the nsreg alias. Replace "YOUR_EMAIL@EMAIL.COM" with your email. nsreg: Generates a random password, passes the random password to NickServ,..

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SSIhekill created a Page  -  Mar 02, 2012

A simple script that removes all G:Lines, GZ:Lines, K:Lines, and Z:Lines. (Later added a similar function for spam-filters)

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