Dec 18, 2011
Single, 20, Developer, Coder,
Ambala Cantt, India
Learning to be a developer and love to learn new stuff. =)


sagargulati   -  Feb 10, 2015

@FordLawnmower : Check PM :)
Also can you tell me how can i use Google Translator, Google Search and Wikipedia script in private messages? Thanks!

sagargulati   -  Jan 31, 2015

@Hawkee : Check pm now waiting for a bug bounty (big one) and should be on hall of fame :v :3

sagargulati   -  Sep 25, 2013

@Hawkee : Can we make something API for xampp on mIRC to enabled Facebook logins, chats, status updates, applications use from mIRC directly? Since bitlbee made it.
Any other member who can help me in same context?

sagargulati   -  May 17, 2013

I'm trying to make a mobile verification system through mIRC that can verify all the numbers in the world (might it use a website or a piece of code from my own server or website.)

I am looking for a script that works like:

Ex : !verify +919876543210 IN

(or it could auto-identify the country code like +91 (IN), +44 (UK) and so on... and TLD and check the digit count too like mobile numbers in India includes 10 digits with excluding the country code.)

Can anyone help me?

sagargulati   -  May 11, 2013

Can anyone tend to help me getting a code for mouse hover like pixlr ripple effect please?
I tried searching a lot but didn't find a good one. I need one of the same on Thanks in advance.

sagargulati   -  Sep 28, 2012

Need a bit help. Anyone here could help me out making a mobile number verification system through mIRC and multi channel mirroring script? If yes, feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance ^_^ ^-^ :)

sagargulati   -  Jun 28, 2012

Need some friends to get work. Please find us at #Hawkee

sagargulati   -  Jun 28, 2012

OK So updated some changes to Auto - Thanker.

sagargulati   -  Apr 23, 2012

Need help with Developing PokemonRPG by Shiny/Aha2y.

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