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HeilTec commented on a Page, Common Chans for mIRC   -  Feb 05, 2015

As I read this I am reminded of an old script I made using the built-in mIRC variable $comchan - pasted a long time ago - http://pastebin.com/dNQjvM4g

menu nicklist {
  Common channels $1: /comchans $1
alias comchans {
  var %n $comchan($1,0)
  var %i 0
  var %t %n common channels for $1 $+ :
  while (%i < %n) {
    inc %i 1
    var %t %t $comchan($1,%i)
  echo -a %t

More primitive output directly in the channel but it has served me well showing a single user at the time.
Scanning all users could be useful - sometimes.

HeilTec created a Page  -  Sep 03, 2012
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Preliminary experimental - plotting function graph in a picture window..

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HeilTec commented on a mIRC Script, HypeRPG  -  Feb 25, 2012

On the way to develop an IRC RPG game I naturally looked at this 'little' game. Great job!
The code and world-simulation is nicely put together, and except for the heavy ini-file use it seems to run nicely.

A little more help for the players will be needed:

  • A user greeting upon entering the channel showing the command: /msg rpg help

  • Command: Weapon needs to be in the help

  • I think the odds in the casino are a bit steep, but not encouraging gambling is quite OK.
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