Nov 15, 2011
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Protheus   -  Jan 05, 2017

I need help creating a snippet for a bot that polls the ircd for uptime and displays it in the channel. Any help?

Protheus   -  Dec 08, 2016

Working on a new script in the same sort of style as my previous one (that I lost). Stay tuned. Gonna be awesome.

Protheus   -  Nov 28, 2016

Ok so a while back i made a R.I.P script for a bot that basically just said the word R.I.P when a user quit. I'm trying to refine it. At the moment, it only goes to the active window. How would i make this script trigger on all channels the bot is on?

Here;s the code:

on *:QUIT: {
msg $active And now his watch is ended...

Thanks in advance.

Protheus   -  Nov 08, 2013

Haven't been here in a while...

Protheus   -  Dec 08, 2011

@Hawkee I'm gonna sound like a total lamer but, any chance of a JAD or JAR app?

Protheus   -  Dec 05, 2011

@Hawkee I agree completely, but there is only so much you can take. There is nothing, absolutly nothing wrong with my snippet. Also, i never threatened him, i said i didnt want to hack him. Of course i wont, because im sweeter than sugar :P

Protheus   -  Dec 05, 2011

@Hawkee So, we REALLY need a block or ignore button for the trolls. Got one named Notrious or something. I really dont want to have to hack this guy.

Protheus   -  Nov 30, 2011

@Hawkee How about per user statuses? Nothing fancy like FB but you could do something simple like Myspace. As i get on here more and more and befriend you guys i find myself wanting to talk to them more often. I am without internet so my phone is my social outlet so something like this could benefit mobile users and the social aspect of Hawkee as a whole. Also, how about mobile support lol

Protheus   -  Nov 29, 2011

@rozaysg You forgot Co-Founder at ProtheusIRCNet.

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