Apr 12, 2019

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oldfix   -  May 13, 2020

I am looking for an addon which shows me in mirc status windows everytime somebody make a ban or unban or everytime an user changes a channel's mode. Would that be possible? Thanks

oldfix commented on a Page, Multi Network Anti-Idle  -  Apr 22, 2019

It does not work anymore. I have tried uploading it and everything was okay but after I ran my mIRC it stopped working and when I try to turn it ON it shows me a message where saying: its already off. How can you fix it up?

oldfix commented on a Page, IP / Nick tracker  -  Apr 20, 2019

this script prevents wrong nick tracking detection? Because I used several scripts and addon and when i am connected in several channels at the same time, i got wrong nick detection. Does your script work in order to prevent this?

oldfix commented on a Page, Spy/Relay script  -  Apr 18, 2019

How does it work? I want to know how your script works?

oldfix commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Apr 14, 2019

Hello I need help from somebody. I've two kind of scripts, one works with !@host and other one works with !ident@.host . My scripts work fine but in the 1st case when i am connected in 2/3 channells concurrently , I get wrong nick tracking detections, I mean some nicks which don't belong to the users which I monitor and this happens even if the person does not use bnc or vhost or proxies. In the second case, if the person changes his identd i am not able to track the nicks and if they use mibbit or androirc and much people are connected with the same domain, i can't get an accurate detection, this happens because mibbit or android IRC use a unique id for all members.
I know that the 1st case is the best solution (
!*@host ) because it works on user's host but I don't know how to prevent wrong nick detection.

If you can help me, I am ready to show you such scripts and any suggestion or tips will be really appreciated.

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