Apr 18, 2005
Anchorage, alaska
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makkenai   -  Nov 21, 2022

Hello , i have used mirc for years and ive done some scripting myself but its been years and now i have lost my eye sight so i am using the speech option in mirc , its great but i get a lot of server messages that are becoming repetitive and annoyng to listen to so i am looking for a snippet or the command to turn Speech On or Off on server message so the messages are being ignored by the speech option.

makkenai commented on a Page, Google Search  -  Nov 05, 2006

very nice script , unfortunately while using it, it displayed urls which are on the ircqnet spamfilter list and it got my z:lined (network ban)

i have to disable it sadly enough to prevent such thing from happening again,
gonna me it :(

cya :)

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