Sep 25, 2011

Code Snippets

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Jun 24, 2012
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I recently posted a snippet using Wolfram Alpha's API. This version uses the main site, has unlimited calls, but is a bit slower.

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2012

A request from Ric James in the forums. I thought I'd share this snippet.

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Nov 27, 2011

This is my version of a Google Calculator. It can do more than a regular calculator, such as calculating measures, converting etc. A few examples are coming. The commands are either > !calc -calculation here- or /calculate -calculation here- Use !calc in a channel, and it will message you there. In pm and it will respond you there. /calculate simply echos it to your active window. If you find any..

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Nov 04, 2011

This is another one I found in my directory. It's a TinyURL snippet. It can be used both as a alias and for a bot. Alias: Commands are either> /preview /tinyurl [custom alias] The alias is not necessary. Also, if the link you get does not contain your alias is because it's already taken. The syntax is same for the bot but you need to ofcourse replace the /..

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Nov 02, 2011

Well this is a snippet I found that I've done before... It's still in beta stage and any opinion or (constructive) criticism is of course welcome. The usage is /ask Question here. Also, /askd will open a dialog which is pretty self-explanatory. Rightclicking in an active window will open it too. Example /ask Who created The Simpsons?> The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening. And also, I should..

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Sep 25, 2011

Well I think this will be the last one (for today atleast). This one gets the words that can be made out of a string/word. Syntax is either !words string|word or /words string|word For example /words odd i know > A total of 49 words can be made out of "odd i know": 1 did 2 dido 3 din 4 dink 5 dino 6 do 7 dodo 8 don 9 dow 10 down 11 id 12 ikon 13 in 14 indow 15 ink 16 inkwood 17 ion 18 ki 19 kid..

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Sep 25, 2011
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Well this is my 2nd snippet I thought I could post. The syntax is !anagram (words here) or /anagram (words here), for example !anagram Odd I Know | /anagram (words here)

Kiddo96 created a Page  -  Sep 25, 2011
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Well I've watched this website for long. I have learned a lot from here by reading forums and testing other snippets. I've made a few socket snippets myself and I thought that I could post one of them. Constructive citicism is ofcourse welcome :) The code goes into your remote (Alt + r). Syntax is either !insult or /insult. Example: Insult: The next time you shave, could you stand an inch or two closer..

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