Jul 18, 2011

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XPiRX commented on a Page, mIRC Spelling & Grammar Check   -  Oct 16, 2012

Wow, couple of updates since I was last here. I see you implemented by grammar idea. Nice, cheers for that. I am having an issue with grammatical punctuation such a apostrophes. They end up being â instead of a '. Not sure why this is. Maybe office is using a font type that isn't compatible with mirc?

Edit: Using mirc 7.19, no other scripts. Office 2010.

XPiRX commented on a Page, mIRC Spelling & Grammar Check   -  Jul 18, 2011

I tried this on Win7, Office2010, mIRC 7.19 - It worked the first time, froze miRC like it was supposed to and spell checked. The 2nd time and on I did the shift-enter, it sent the text first, popped up the spell check box (mIRC wasnt frozen) and then after correction sent the fixed sentence. So it sends two lines, the before spellcheck and then after spellcheck. Would be nice if it didnt freeze mirc and you press a different hotkey before it sends like cntrl+t or something and then you can hit enter after you have spell checked.

Other than these issues, i LOVE the script. Once these issues are ironed out, its gonna be sexy.

Edit: Oh I figured it out, I hate another spellcheck script I forgot to unload. GREAT SCRIPT !!!! Love it.

Edit2: Suggestion: Add auto capitalization and sentence ends options and possibly grammar check integration(commas and what not).

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