Jun 28, 2011

Code Snippets

ITSOVER9000 created a Page  -  Nov 20, 2011
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Basically, the only reason I made this was because instead of having to type the long .pnick version in a script, I can type if ($isowner/$isadmin(Nick) == Yes) { stuff } instead of having to type if ($left($nick($chan,$nick).pnick,1) == ~/&) { stuff } Well, that's it.

ITSOVER9000 created a Page  -  Oct 13, 2011
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Well I had made this because I had wanted to look at mIRC's ascii table, but didn't want to manually /echo everything, so I made this. I haven't actually got to look at it yet because every time I try, my mIRC freezes. Oh well, probably should've expected that when you're /echoing 9 hundred million characters. If you can actually run this script without mIRC freezing, well, you've got a VERY good computer...

ITSOVER9000 created a Page  -  Sep 06, 2011
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Well, this was just a little timed ban alias I made. I tried using else's, that didn't work out so well. So I feel amazed I got this alias using only if's. Oh, and just to point this out, I wouldn't add if ($me isop $chan), because, well, you wouldn't be using the alias if you weren't an op, would you? :P I had to snoop around here a bit to figure out how /ban worked, Since previously I had just done..

ITSOVER9000 created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2011

Type /copyhelp to see the copy script's help If you'd like someone else to use it, have them do /notice YourNick copyhelp True, I probably should've added an elseif to check if $2 == $null, and if $2 == $null msg the nickname to specify a nick but I've had trouble with elseif's before, So I decided not to. (Yes I know there are already a bunch of copy scripts.But they don't exactly work...well.So I..

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