Jun 20, 2011
Erwin, TN


SReject   -  Aug 28, 2015

@Hawkee I believe you've broken your page-view analytics. When I go to view my "statistics" page, all pages since (june, maybe july) register as 0 views even though I know they have been visited by unique addresses.

SReject   -  Apr 21, 2015

@Hawkee domain has expired. since you own, figured you might want to be informed to grab that one as soon as it's available(27 day grace period before it can be grabbed)

SReject   -  Mar 09, 2015

@Hawkee A few things:
After editing a snippet page the browser page has to be refreshed before you can edit it again.
Initial container size when editing a post page covers up buttons:

SReject   -  Jan 07, 2015

Updated my JSON snippet. Man did the switch to markup screw it's description. All fixed now :d

SReject   -  Oct 26, 2014

Points, how do they work? It used to be likes, and I had less than 100... Now its points, and im so confused.

curls up in corner and cries

SReject   -  Apr 21, 2014

@Hawkee is there a way to bold, underline and/or indent text when writing a Snippet's description? As you can see from Its difficult to read the 'usage' information

SReject   -  Apr 16, 2014

@Hawkee In the top-right bar with "Home", "Threads", "Projects", "Code Snippets", could we get an "All" button as well that would show not only the latest threads/projects/code snippets but also the latest comments

SReject   -  Apr 11, 2014

@Hawkee URL's with parenthesess fail to parse right, as seen in this post:

SReject   -  Apr 11, 2014

@Hawkee Instead of having bukkit as the platform, could you just add minecraft as an 'all-inclusive' for minecraft, bukkit, forge, liteloader, and the 20 thousand other API's for the game? I just added a ComputerCraft Lua script and it doesn't fit with bukkit as computercraft uses the MCForge platform

SReject   -  Sep 14, 2013

So now that WMP has started to annoy me ("whaaaa?! you use WMP?!), Im looking for a new media player and am looking for suggestions.

I try/use a few different players but currently haven't found a replacement for 'everyday' use, and here's why:

1: Too busy/much stuff. Im looking for a minimalistic type media player and winamp is far to busy.

VLC (my go-to for movies):
1: For a casual music player, it has far more than what I would ever need.
2: Library. VLC is GREAT for playing files one at a time, but it's library functions are lacking imo.

Foobar (my runner up to WMP):
1: After installing, its tedious to get the GUI and settings JUST the way I like them, and between major updates, these settings are often reset.
2: Library. Has the same issue as VLC as far as library options is concerned.

All 3 of these have one major issue that has to be surpassed before I could even consider using them and that is they have to be able to read/play media from a windows mapped network drive. Winamp & VLC's support is shacky at best, and foobar is moody about it.

What media players do you all use? any plugins for the above mentioned to possibly form them to my wants?

SReject   -  Sep 05, 2013

@Hawkee Q: have you been playing around with the login/sessions part of the backend recently? The reason I ask is everytime I visit, I have to relogin even after selecting the "Remember Me" option. This only occurs if I leave the site for an hour or long. Not super important, just sort of annoying seeing as I check this site atleast a few times a day

SReject   -  Apr 24, 2013

@Hawkee what are the top 10 most viewed projects/code snippets on hawkee? Since hawkee started, for the last year, and for the last month?

SReject   -  Jan 26, 2013

So everyone, to get a little discussion going, what is everyone's most favorite snippet of code. Doesn't matter the language or it's functionality. Just what is everyone's favored code snippet.

To start, I guess I should tell mine. It's in javascript, and it's not so much a snippet but a technique. Personally, I don't like having many variables that are only used once then never touched again, so I do something of the following:

function getValues() { return ["A","B"] }

var a = getValues(), b = a[1], a = a[0];

// Now, variable a equals "A", variable b equals "B"

I like this for a few reasons. The first being the single call to getValues(). the 2nd being that there isn't a "touched-once" variable

SReject   -  Jan 21, 2013

@Hawkee the thread/comment system is quite cumbersome to navigate in my opinion, threads are ordered descending in the order of creation(?) and collapsed and then we have comments to those threads that are collapsed... And then when we get a notice, on those threads/comments, it takes us to our notice page, which then takes us to the 'snippet'(for this example) but does expand the thread/comment that the 'notice' occured on

SReject   -  Jan 04, 2013

@Hawkee I don't really like the newest to oldest comment order you've implemented. I know it makes getting to the new comments easier but makes reading conversations a bit difficult

SReject   -  Nov 12, 2012

Added a snippet that mimics, for javascript, more OOP Languages 'class childClass extends baseClass' functionality... What are you all doing?

SReject   -  Aug 08, 2012

Q: Im looking for a specific site. Its sort of a forum based type deal, where logical/prgramming questions are asked. You can solve the questions with any method you wish so long as you come up with the correct answer.

SReject   -  Jul 20, 2012

@Hawkee Would it be possible to clear notifications for comments/likes if we view the post from either our "Home" and/or "Explore" feed?

SReject   -  Jun 25, 2012

So I had this great idea to go through and start commenting when I see bad code.... then I realized I was commenting on my own scripts :(

SReject   -  Jun 25, 2012

@Hawkee Just a suggestion. for the code tags, maybe add in a few language-specific syntax highlighters to the code bbc, to be used as such: [ code=languageHere]...[/code ]

SReject   -  May 28, 2012

Hey hawkee, you should add a tutorial/editorial section to this thing.

SReject   -  May 04, 2012

Does this thing have a greasemoney section?

SReject   -  May 04, 2012

So what is developing? Well, gas.... Yes you heard me. Im developing gas... as in farts :D

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