May 19, 2011

Code Snippets

dsabecky created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2011

This is a simple "now playing" announcer for Textual (http://www.codeux.com/textual/) that pulls the information from Spotify, iTunes, and QuickTime (whichever you're using at the time)

dsabecky created a Page  -  Sep 21, 2011
1 577 

A last.fm profile poller I wrote after seeing "Last.fm Now Playing (Utilizing Last.fm's API)" by none other than Jethro (thanks for the inspiration, dude!).

dsabecky created a Page  -  May 19, 2011

This script allows for a simple SHOUTcast stream management bot to reside in your channel, while announcing current playing songs. I've been adding little improvements here and there, and I'm willing to take suggestions for features.

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