Apr 05, 2005
Developer, Project Manager


Noutrious   -  Aug 07, 2013

@Hawkee also, the footer is overlapped by div, thus not clickable.
And while uploading image screenshot — there's showing a broken image.

Noutrious   -  Aug 07, 2013

@Hawkee reviews comments link doesn't work — redirects to shop. :(

Noutrious   -  Jul 01, 2013

Seems to me that Apple related apps are being shared here bulk'ly (@Hawkee most likely has noticed too), at least the developers aren't giving out any other activity besides the app posting.

Noutrious   -  Oct 06, 2008

@FURBY* Hey dude, been pretty fine - how's yourself?
P.S. Currently making stuff with PHP - like Tracker network + gaming etc. :)

Noutrious   -  Jun 09, 2008

@pokemaster23 One of stupidest persons i\'ve seen ever.

Noutrious   -  Jun 09, 2008

Yeah, i think so too, but not creating anything in PHP currently.. though is should :)
Where are you @ IRC currently?

Noutrious   -  Jun 09, 2008

Hey :) going nicely towards and learning more and more slowly :))

Noutrious   -  Feb 15, 2007

@ZabuzaMomochi Oh, yeah, i have a important message for you - you could get thousands of cash if you know this..
Karoče, ja tu esi bijis tik dum ka reāli arī ito izlasīji, tad tu esi dum, nodod savu ķermeni institūtam un iegūsti daus miljonus!
So, get it? :D

Noutrious   -  Feb 12, 2007

@xDaeMoN GL, Keep on like this :)

Noutrious   -  Nov 29, 2006

@siikaisz Sveiks,
Redzu ka esi Latvietis, klau kā Tevi atrast mIRC (Niks kāds) un kādos serveros? :)

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