Mar 04, 2017

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MrJ   -  Mar 09, 2017

My Crazy script LOL I am slowly adding to it.

MrJ commented on a Page, Titlebar/Statusbar DCX  -  Mar 05, 2017

I can see you spent a lot of time on this, and its awesome to see that people are still working with and coding with this DLL
However I think you may find it easier and cleaner code if you use the info on here and this would be the page on the xstatusbar commands.
If you need help feel free to contact me on here and I be happy to share what I do know with coding with DCX

MrJ commented on a Page, Status Bar DCX   -  Mar 05, 2017

So most of you would of known me as MakiMaki, I have no idea my account info to lazy so new account LOL, I been away for many years but this is my dcx Statusbar and a screenshot of my script with it working. pretty much can change every aspect of how it funtions swapping icons, text, colors ect.

on *:START: { }
on *:ACTIVE:*:{ }
alias { xstatusbar -A 0 notheme | xstatusbar -A 1 notheme | .timer -m 2 8 }
alias {
  var %s xstatusbar, %c  $+ $color(info)
  %s -f +a ansi 10 Segoe UI
  %s -k $color($color(editbox))
  %s -l 250 120 310 300 100%
  %s -t 1 +fn 1 %c Server: $buzzip
  %s -t 2 +fn 2 %c Lag: $hget(lag,lag) ms
  %s -t 3 +fn $iif($sock(bcn.*),$iif($hget(lag,lag) >= 100,5,3) %c Connection Uptime: $uptime(server,1),4 05 Disconnected) 
  %s -t 4 +fn 6 %c Script Runtime: $uptime(mirc,1) 
  %s -t 5 +fn 7 %c System Uptime: $uptime(system,1) 
  ;Gen Icons
  %s -w + 0 images\BCN.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\clock.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\g1.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\r1.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\y1.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\monkey.ico
  %s -w + 0 images\cpu.ico
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