Dec 15, 2016

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mikeevidz   -  10 days ago

Online Info Blog: The central role of identity verification

As we reach the end of 2016, we can finally pause for breath and take stock of what has been a tumultuous year. Old certainties were turned on their head, new realities took their place and across business, economics, politics and society, experts were left scratching their heads in confusion.
In the area of security and fraud , there has been a consistent trend in the development of verification and authentication technology. How this trend will continue to impact the digital economy 2017 will be critical.

CNP Fraud
2016 Trends - The EMV liability shift in the US was widely predicted to see a spike in CNP (Card not Present) fraud in the US and beyond. Figures from the end of Q2 2015 to Q1 2016 (which takes in six months of post-EMV activity) suggests that there has been a 137 percent rise in CNP fraud in the US. To put this into context, between 2014 and 2015 the market saw a mere 20 percent rise in CNP fraud.
2017 Predictions - The US switch to EMV is only one-third completed, however as more and more merchants adopt EMV terminals, fraudsters will more into the CNP space resulting in a rise in CNP fraud.

Mobile Banking
2016 Trends - With 70 per cent of the UK population using mobile banking, it is now the dominant form of bank interaction for UK consumers.

Sharing Economy
2016 Trends - At a value of $15bn per year, and predicted to reach $335bn in the next decade, the global sharing economy represents one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. The UK sector alone is set to climb to £9bn from £500m in the next ten years.
2017 Predictions - With the recent announcement of TrustSeal, Sharing Economy UK’s initiative to boost consumer trust by requiring businesses to meet a list of ‘Good Practice Principles’ relating to things such as identity verification, product transparency and customer service, the importance of using technology to secure authentication and verification has never been more important to businesses entering the sharing economy in 2017.


mikeevidz   -  26 days ago

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Car parts that need frequent check-ups

A car has crucial parts that need constant monitoring to guarantee its good performance and to assure the safety of the driver and the passengers. Listed here are some important car parts described by Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group:

Catalytic converters - It was introduced in 1993 and was integrated into petrol exhaust systems. It is built for the purpose of reducing the damaging effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen that are being emitted into the atmosphere. It can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less harmful gases. Make sure to have your catalytic converter checked often to make sure of the flawless condition of your car.

Brakes - It should be checked at least twice a year to assure the safety of all people concerned and to have an optimum performance for average or beyond average annual mileage cars. Obtain a cost-effective brake maintenance service with Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group brake experts. You can also find a broad range of brake systems to choose from at Tyre&Auto Southbourne depots for cars and light commercial vehicles.

Tyres - It should also be checked often to have a more comfortable ride with no more hassles of unexpected broken tyres. It is recommended to replace your tyres at the right time, but you may first ask the advice of your car service provider regarding this matter. In addition, you should properly determine the proper size and the type of tyres that suits your car better with the help of your car service provider. The lifespan of tyres could be greatly affected by the mileage of a car, the places it has been frequently used, and the driving habits of the owner.

mikeevidz   -  Dec 21, 2016

Online Info Blog: Three cyber security trends organizations

Many Asian organizations are ill-equipped to defend their networks from cyber-attacks simply because they’ve grown complacent that attacks will not happen to them. There is a general assumption that because the organization has not experienced a breach, they are either doing the right thing, or are not a target (and therefore would continue not to be), or both. As cyber-security continues to evolve and shift, awareness has to come from within an organization, so that cyber-security is acknowledged and prioritised by employees at all levels (including those not just in IT); this will enable enterprises to truly protect themselves.

Insider threats
It’s best to assume that anyone and everything is an insider and, therefore, a potential insider threat. In the same way, everyone can also be a potential victim. This state of vigilance would serve modern enterprises far better than broken cyber-defense models centered on “keeping bad stuff out.”

The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team noted a noticeable rise in ransomware infections in both Singapore and overseas. Ransomware is a type of malware that holds a victim's files, computer system or mobile device "hostage", restricting access until a ransom is paid. It spreads via malicious email attachments, infected programmes and compromised websites. Ransomware relies on the end-user paying a fee to retrieve their data or system access, and this ransom demand can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Ignoring Privacy settings
With the rise of social media and internet usage for personal and professional reasons, users seemingly sprint their way throughout the online universe without thinking about privacy settings. Individuals share much of their personal and sensitive information on their social media, and because of the easy accessibility to these personal information, attackers are able to take advantage of these information for malicious purposes.

mikeevidz   -  Dec 19, 2016

Online Info Blog: Millions of Net Users Possibly Exposed

“Without requiring any user interaction, the initial script reports information about the victim’s machine to the attacker’s remote server. Based on server-side logic, the target is then served either a clean image or its almost imperceptibly modified malicious evil twin.

“Using the known Internet Explorer vulnerability CVE-2016-0162, the encoded script attempts to verify that it is not being run in a monitored environment such as a malware analyst’s machine,” and if the script does not detect any signs of monitoring, it redirects to the Stegano exploit kit’s landing page.

Upon successful exploitation, the executed shell code collects information on installed security products and performs – as paranoid as the cyber-criminals behind this attack – yet another check to verify that it is not being monitored. If results are favorable, it will attempt to download the encrypted payload from the same server again, disguised as a gif image.

mikeevidz   -  Dec 16, 2016

Online Info Blog: Investment creates opportunity

“Japanese companies and national institutions are constantly under cyber attack, but the public awareness in Japan as to the need for cybersecurity is low compared to Israel or the United States. But now, we’ve partnered with SoftBank to establish Cybereason Japan Corp to help defend Japan,” Lotem Guy, a security research group manager at Cybereason who will be moving his family to Japan in the coming days, told The Jerusalem Post.

Tel Aviv-based Cybereason is a company that locates, isolates and responds to cyber attacks in real-time. Their platform – which relies on the company’s tech and human wealth – can find a single component of an attack and connect it to other pieces of information gathered by Cybereason, in order to reveal an entire campaign and shut it down.

“Our product specializes in identifying attacks on large organizations. Our team sits inside an organization and gathers and analyzes data from inside their computers, servers and workstations. That data is then sent to our central server, which runs on our software and studies the organization’s behavior, breaking it down into separate units. Then we can identify anything that is out of the ordinary and characterizes a cyber attack, isolate it and respond to it without disrupting the organization’s work routine,” Guy explained.

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