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Originally by prulez, edited by dronez4, re-edited by Mi9

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Mi9 commented on a Page, IRC Python Stats Bot Script! v0.3  -  Oct 02, 2016

what #hellas do in line 78 ?

Add options to reply to CTCP version, ping, time :)

Mi9   -  Sep 15, 2016


How can i convert this number 1473874494 in  XX hrs XX mins XX secs ?

in mLS
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Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 08, 2016
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This script is for Undernet irc network

Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 04, 2016
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Update: 2016.09.10

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Mi9 commented on a Page, IRC Python Stats Bot Script! v0.3  -  Sep 04, 2016

NOTICE AUTH : Looking up your hostname
Checking Ident
PING :2581793672
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Downloads\StatsPy.py", line 41, in
if(line[2].strip(":") == CHAN):
IndexError: list index out of range

is becose i use python-3.5.2 64bit ?

Mi9 created a Page  -  Sep 02, 2016
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Update: 2016.12.03

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Mi9 commented on a Page, HELP!  -  Sep 01, 2016
menu nicklist {
  ..&Add User
  ...Add &global.o {
    var %e = 1, %tag = $?="What msg do you want to give them?"
    while (%e <= $numtok($snicks,44)) {
      say # 02[ $+ $gettok($snicks,%e,44) $+ 02] added to global.o 02[ $+ %tag $+ / $+ $replace($gettok($ial($gettok($snicks,%e,44)),2,33),@,*) $+ 02]
      writeini -n globalo.ini aop.o $+(*!,$gettok($ial($gettok($snicks,%e,44)),2,33)) $+($gettok($snicks,%e,44),!,%tag)
      inc %e
on *:JOIN:#:{
  if ( $readini(globalo.ini,aop.o,$+(*!,$gettok($ial($gettok($nick,1,44)),2,33))) ) echo -a jajaja -:-:- $readini(globalo.ini,aop.o, $+(*!,$gettok($ial($gettok($nick,1,44)),2,33)))
Mi9 commented on a Page, RControl Bot v1.12a  -  Aug 07, 2016

RControl Bot v1.12 - 2016.09.24

Some bug fixes

RControl Bot v1.11 - 2016.09.10

Improvement for "chlist" command.

RControl Bot v1.10 - 2016.09.07

Changes for "chlist" command

  • channels with mode +p, +s are skipped, if you're not on them.

RControl Bot v1.9a - 2016.09.04

Added commands:

  • change bot nickname and alternative_nickname (optional)
 /.msg botname nick <nick> [anick] <botpassword>
  • disconnect bot from IRC.
 /.msg botname quit <botpassword> [message]

Command changed:

  • "users c" command sent auth users in compact mode.
    Ex. Nick (auth_username); Nick2 (auth_username)
/msg botname users c


  • when an auth user change his nickname
  • auto-op|voice when an auth user join a channel (3 sec. delay)

RControl Bot v1.9 - 2016.08.09

Command added:

  • register (Default ON)
    Register username
    /.msg botname register <username> <password>
  • enable / disable
    Bot commands or Register
    /.msg botname enable  <bot | register> <botpass>
    /.msg botname disable  <bot | register> <botpass>
  • botstatus
    Display if Bot or Register status is ON or OFF

  • remuser
    Remove a username
    /.msg botname remuser <username> <password or botpass>


  • login now need a username
    /.msg botname login <username> <password>

RControl Bot v1.7 - 2016.08.07

  • I renamed "hop" command with "jump"
     /msg botname jump <#channel> [message]
  • Added commands:
    hop / dehop ( For servers that supports HalfOP, Mode +/-h )

  • Some bug fixes
Mi9 commented on a Page, help with script to add timer/delay   -  Aug 04, 2016

I do not know why not displays the contents properly
So I posted it on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/FhSGRfkY

Mi9 commented on a Page, help with script to add timer/delay   -  Aug 04, 2016

1-Save next lines in a file with name: csd.mrc in mirc/scripts/ folder
/load -rs /scripts/csd.mrc

test with /cs.delay

;a   Connection Server Delay - [by Mi9]
; *** edit "set %max.s = 17" with maximum number of servers present in cds.cfg
; *** edit "inc %c.delay 10" with how many seconds you want

on *:START:{ cs.delay }

alias cs.delay {
  var %max.s = 17
  var %t.name = 1
  while (%t.name <= %max.s) {
    var %r.cfg $readini(scripts/csd.cfg,ServersList,%t.name)
    if (%t.name = 1) var %c.delay = 0
    if (%t.name > 1) var %ns = -m
    .timer $+ %t.name 1 %c.delay echo -a server %ns %r.cfg
    ;;; IF IS OK, REMOVE "echo -a " FROM LINE ABOVE ;;;
    inc %t.name | inc %c.delay 10

alias cf12 timers off ; CTRL+F12 Halt all timers.

2-Save next lines in a file with name: csd.cfg in mirc/scripts/ folder

1=(znc server name 1) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
2=(znc server name 2) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
3=(znc server name 3) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
4=(znc server name 4) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
5=(znc server name 5) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
6=(znc server name 6) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
7=(znc server name 7) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
8=(znc server name 8) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
9=(znc server name 9) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
10=(znc server name 10) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
11=(znc server name 11) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
12=(znc server name 12) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
13=(znc server name 13) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
14=(znc server name 14) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
15=(znc server name 15) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
16=(znc server name 16) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
17=(znc server name 17) (+port) (my nick)/(site name):(password)
Mi9 created a Page  -  Jul 28, 2016
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Update: 2019.02.16

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Mi9 created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2016
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Update: 2016.09.24

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