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acpixel created a Page  -  Feb 13, 2016
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So the very first script i ever made was basically a in chat port of livesplit. It was horribly done and hard coded with a max of 10 splits. A friend was asking me about it today and i was like, "i should recode it with my new knowledge and make it way better!". so I did. It is a free bot you will be able to !join to have it join soonish. but out of the kindness of my heart, i..

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acpixel commented on a Page, JSON for MIRC  -  Aug 25, 2015

yo so i need a bit of help. so i need to get the value of time and player under each category.

the command would be !wr sm64 120_star. then the script would go to
then it would parse and find the values for player and time under the category 120 star. but because the game constantly changes i need to be able to read the first value and basely skip over it. but i want the end response to be "the world record for Super Mario 64 is (time) by (player)" but allows for abbreviations such as sm64, but i want the response to have the whole name. and the json does contain the whole name. so in the end i need to get the first value then parse to the time and player and output all 3.

here is my code so far.

on *:TEXT:!wr *:#: { 
  if (!%comwr) {
    set -u1 %comwr 1
    JSONOpen -u wr $+ $replace($2 , _, $chr(32))
    msg $chan $+ $replace($2 , _, $chr(32))
    msg $chan test $json(wr, (help needed), $replace($3 , _, $chr(32)))
    JSONClose wr
    else {
      msg $chan Sorry $nick $+ , no one is playing $2-
      JSONClose stream
  else {
    msg $chan Sorry $nick this command is on cooldown.
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