Mar 06, 2015
Following my head
Writing, Drawing/Painting, mIRC Scripting


OrFeAsGr   -  Feb 10, 2018

Hey guys to anyone interested, i fixed the IP Info Script! It's now working fully again!
I ran into some issues with the site so i changed some stuff!
But now it works! Have fun!

OrFeAsGr   -  Jun 14, 2016

Hi! If you use any of my mIRC Scripts i just wanted to let you know that i made an Update Checker Script.
So you can check fast for new versions of my scripts! Check http://hawkee.com/snippet/17111/ to see how it works.
I have added a version variable in all my scripts which stores the version so you'd need to copy and paste these new versions if you want the Update checker to work!
See comment in the post to see how to make an update checker for your own scripts!
Thanks! <3

OrFeAsGr   -  Feb 26, 2016

HI! some days ago i started learning Python! After understanding the basics i wrote this and while it could be useless spammy too long or generally could have been better it works and it feels good :p so here it is

def get(o, r):
    f = 1
    o = o + " a"
    l = len(o) 
    w = 0
    t = " "
    w = 0
    for f in range(l):
        if " " == o[f]:
                w = w + 1
            if w == r: 
                return t
            elif w != r:
                t = " "
                nextw = 1
            if " " != o[f]:
                if nextw == 1:
                    nextw = 0
                    t = o[f]
                elif nextw == 0:
                    t = t + o[f]
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