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_Dean_ commented on a Page, Email Verify Script by OrFeAsGr v0.1  -  Aug 02, 2016

there is an "echo -at" at line 23, you probably used it for debug mode... it will echo all the unnecessary information, on people screen
you should remove that... i see you kinda new to scripting, keep the good work

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Orlydb.com Script - On Text & On Input  -  Nov 30, 2012

whats the point in using

  ;echo -a %read

you probably was testing it and forgot it...

if ($sockerr) { echo >> Erro ao conectar... | halt }

you posted on your language in an international forum

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Query Blocker  -  Oct 11, 2012

"on :dialog:QB:init::{
did -b qb 5,6,7,8"
You should remove the 8 or else the "Choose a nick" wont work :)

what are you talking about? $did(8) doesnt even exist in this script... it was an error, there is no ID 8

the fact of using a double warning, is:
if someone has a pm blocker too, it wont accept the query, so it will send a notice, of course ppl can remove it, and just have notice

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Query Blocker  -  Aug 13, 2012


if (($did == 9) && ($did(5) != $null)) { 
    set %Queryreason $did(5).text 
    did -ar qb 4 A message for Block mode has been set
_Dean_ commented on a Page, rawmode deown/dehost protection  -  Jul 27, 2012

you need to specify that the user needs owner access or OPER override +v to use

mode # -q $rname

some networks does not has "access" as alias in services, and the command "clear" will clear the entire list, not only a specific level

 access # clear owner $rgate 0

if someone uses

mode # -qaohv $str($nick,5)

they wont have any privileges to "deop" or "deowner" someone, to use "mode"

for what is this line made for?

mode $me +h $hget(data,# $+ q)

UMODE +h in some networks are only for Staff members or IRCops

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun]  -  Jun 26, 2012

you're talking about what connection? 250 kbps? cause on a 10/15 mb/s u cant even tickle a connection
by the way its +T case sensitive, its an usermode in UnrealIRCd that allows you to not receive CTCP's

you will require a lot of connections to ping timeout someone (i really meant a lot):
1 - if the person is connected through a proxy
2 - if it is a BNC/ZNC/SHELL
3 - if it is a VPN

you will need the original IP
some routers has ping/flood protection too
if you're trying to do it by yourself, you will get lagged, and it will took a lot of time, even if its a 250 kbps connection

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun]  -  Jun 26, 2012

i think the ping thing wont work...
1- you have to send a lot of packets to someone, so this person may ping timeout
2 - Ddos'ing someone its not like that, it wont ping timeout no one, since server will only answer you the time between your connection and server connection

//ping $server

doesnt matter what nickname or name you put in /ping it will always returns your connection delay

by the way a /ctcp ping may be blocked by users in UnrealIRCd using the usermode +T

you have to use a lot of connections to ping timeout someone

_Dean_ created a Page  -  Jun 16, 2012
1 462 

• Copy and paste the script into a new remote page ALT+R • When done, right click on Channel, Status, Query or Menubar, and click on "Pastebin"

 Respond   mIRC  
_Dean_ commented on a Page, Server Flag for mIRC  -  Jun 09, 2012

updated, the website which the scripts got the information, changed the HTML code, so i decided to change the website too, now with more information

_Dean_ created a Page  -  May 27, 2012

This script is made to find out what kind of shortened URL's you're clicking

_Dean_ commented on a Page, BeST PRoTeCTioN  -  Apr 23, 2012

i think you could short this a little bit...

   /mode $chan +b $address($nick,1)
    /ban $chan $nick 2
    /ban $chan $nick
    /mode $chan +b $nick
    kick # $nick  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ BaN PRoTeCTioN $+


ban -k $chan $nick 2  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ BaN PRoTeCTioN $+

your version will ban $nick 3 times

by the way you're using a timer in a "on kick" event

on !@*:KICK:#:{ 
  if ( $knick == $me ) {   
    .timer 1 1 join $chan
    .timer 1 1 mode $chan -o $nick
    .timer 1 1 kick $chan $nick  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ KiCK PRoTeCTioN $+
    .timer 1 1 /mode $chan +b $nick 
    .timer 1 1 /ban $chan $nick
    .timer 1 1 /ban $chan $nick 2
    .timer 1 1 /mode $chan +b $address($nick,1)

since you used the same time for all the events, some of them, wont work...
mode $chan -o $nick
and ban things...

the on join event, will be triggered when you join again, and the on join event recognizes everyone as regular users
so it will return

  • /ban: invalid parameters
    KICK Not enough parameters

for the raw event you can use

raw *:*:{
  if $istok(471 473 475 474,$numeric,32) { cs invite $2 }
if ($numeric == 474) { cs unban $2 $me | cs invite $2 }

on the "on ban" event, there is missing a mask

mode $chan -ob+eea $nick $banmask $address($me,1) $address($me,2)

you have used the +a for no one, so it wont +a no one....
by the way in some networks +a means "admin" and only Owners can set +a

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Hawkee User Profile Lookup (Search by Nicknames)  -  Mar 27, 2012

if it is broken i think he can adapt it to new modifications...
by the way, reading back some comments...

why everyone asked me, to search for Dean when i tried to search Dean's nickname... not mine...

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Kick by Nick length  -  Dec 23, 2011
 $iif(%nick ison $1,kick $1 %nick  $iif($3,$3-,Banned),noop)

if there is no command for the second condition of $iif dont need to use "noop", just let it empty

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Auto Join dialog  -  Dec 16, 2011

what is $c.dir?

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Dec 14, 2011

1 - if you will remove all the HTML tags, doesnt need to put $null
2 - if you will use tokenize, why did you use $gettok so? instead using $1 $2 and $3?
3 - you dont need to do a lot of vars like on hhfree alias... just return the value of all the commands
4 - there is no reason to use alias GetDefineSearch when you can do the same command on the on text event
5 - no need to use timers, and then do a noop command just to flood control
6 - whats the reason for the $ticks on $regsubex, if you will not call the $regsubex name after?
7 - you are a newbie, accept the advices
8 - if you want to make it a challenge, we can short it a lot, check my example, shorter and with some modifications

alias -l hhfree {
  return $replace($regsubex($regsubex($1-,/<[^>]+>/g,),/&#(\d+);/g,$chr(\1)),&nbsp;,$chr(32),&quot;,")
On $*:Text:/^(!|@)Define.*/Si:#:{
  if ($($+(%,define,$wildsite,$network),2) = 1) { .notice $nick Please wait 6 seconds to trigger this command again. | return }
  else {
    set -u6 $+(%,define,$wildsite,$network) 1 
    var %sockname = $+(define,$network,$2,$ticks)
    sockopen %sockname oxforddictionaries.com 80
    sockmark %sockname $iif($regml(1) == !,.msg $chan,.notice $nick) $2-
on *:sockopen:define*:{
  tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark
  if (!$sockerr) {
    var %x = sockwrite -nt $sockname
    %x GET $+(/definition/,$3,?q=,$3) HTTP/1.1
    %x Connection: close
    %x Host: $+($sock($sockname).addr,$str($crlf,2))
  else { $1-2 $sock($sockname).addr is having some technical difficulties. }
on *:sockread:define*:{
  tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark
  if ($sockerr) { $1-2 $sock($sockname).addr is having some technical difficulties. }
  else {
    var %define 
    sockread %define
    if ($regex(%define,/<span class="definition">(.*?)<\/span>/)) { 
      $1-2 Definition: $hhfree($regml(1))
    if ($regex(%define,/<span class="exampleGroup exGrBreak"> <em class="example"> (.*?)<\/em><\/span>/)) {
      $1-2 Example: $hhfree($regml(1)) 
    if (*Page not found* iswm %define) { 
      $1-2 No Results have been found for: $qt($3) | sockclose $sockname 
_Dean_ commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Dec 14, 2011

no way, really... i thought it was there for no reason
im saying that there is a lot of things on this alias... that is not needed

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Dec 14, 2011

simple like this

if (*No exact results* iswm %x) $1-2 No Results have been found | sockclose $sockname

by the way, too much thing for the alias hhfree...

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Dec 14, 2011

is creating a timer, to prevent flood, really necessary? a timer who does /noop each 6 seconds...

there is no result, if the script didnt find the right word, so the person who requested will be waiting the answer...


!define skyrim

_Dean_ commented on a Page, ProSec IRC Query Manager  -  Dec 11, 2011

thats why there is always posts like these here
idiots like Jethro and Frenetic always posting lame things... im wonder if tocflane will come to defend his man too

_Dean_ commented on a Page, ProSec IRC Query Manager  -  Dec 11, 2011

i'll comment whenever i want, if you want to delete my comments, i will post it again and again
that idiot Jethro came here with off-topics thing, and no one said nothing about him

_Dean_ commented on a Page, ProSec IRC Query Manager  -  Dec 11, 2011

you need to rest your fingers from hawkee, and stop posting here..., unless you post something about the code itself

_Dean_ commented on a Page, ProSec IRC Query Manager  -  Dec 11, 2011

ProSec you always give the excuse that if there are some errors, you're on cellphone

1 - there are no ways, to turn it off, if the person wants to turn it off someday, the only way is to unload it?
2 - $blk, $xdc and xdid will return errors, i didnt see you saying that ppl need the dcx to run it

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Sgkk alias  -  Dec 10, 2011

missing a closing bracket

_Dean_ commented on a Page, Away Popup Menu  -  Dec 09, 2011

what this condition is suposed to do?

if (text) $strip($1-)
_Dean_ commented on a Page, Clone killer  -  Dec 06, 2011

where is the #raw on/off, i just saw the #raw end...

_Dean_ commented on a Page, tempop permops  -  Dec 05, 2011

why use /set -l when you can simply use /var ?

_Dean_ commented on a Page, 5 Color script  -  Nov 27, 2011

whats the point in using this:

Menu *,menubar {

if you already used * to select all kind of menus, and then typed menubar...

you didnt even change the variable names from invision

_Dean_ commented on a Page, isowner alias and isprotect alias  -  Nov 21, 2011

i will give you a 8/10 +like, since i liked the idea

_Dean_ commented on a Page, isowner alias and isprotect alias  -  Nov 20, 2011

why dont you use "isadmin"?
There is no such thing as "isadmin" operator, Mr. Dean.

i hate when lame ppl comment on my posts, with lame answers... i said to him, there is already an operator called isprotect... i asked him, if he could change the name of his identifier to "isadmin" instead "isprotect" since it may confuse the other ppl with the "isprotect" operator...

_Dean_ commented on a Page, isowner alias and isprotect alias  -  Nov 20, 2011

the isprotect operator works... i think you dont know how to use it...
from the mIRC help file

isprotect if v1 is a user in your protect list for channel v2 (v2 optional)


If you are on a channel and you have channel Op status, any users that match the nicknames in the protect list will be automatically protected. mIRC does this by kicking or de-opping anyone who tries to kick or de-op your protected users.

the isprotect, on mIRC is an operator for conditions, in this case it will check if v1 is a protected nick on your protect list... i just give you a tip, for, why not use isadmin, instead isprotect, since it may confuse the other ppl...

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