Jan 07, 2011

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NickAd commented on a Page, MP3 Player  -  Jan 07, 2011

Compatibility problem and bugs Windows 7 x64 using mIRC v7.17

  1. Play buttons incorrectly labeled
  2. Volume control absent
  3. Scroll text absent
  4. When adding single files and playing, it ignores them and uses the playlist instead
  5. On the colour schemes dialogue, the scroll bar for Blue doesn't show the value and resets to zero when released
  6. mp3 Information button shows an empty dialogue when clicked
  7. The PlayCount number doesn't update
  8. Changing or setting the font empties the playlist

I have used the previous version of this mp3player, when it consisted of just a .mrc file, completely successfully on my current system. With the new additions it promises to be an even better mp3 player than it already was. IF it worked.

Suggested improvements =

  1. Set a directory for playlists which will be remembered. Saving multiple playlists which can be loaded by browsing to the playlist directory.

  2. Removing the restriction on played items which stops broadcasting after a certain number. Or perhaps adding a function to "clear" the playcount and reset it to zero

  3. The ability to set an initial "base" or "root" directory which opens when browsing for mp3's to avoid having to go through a number of folders every time you add a file

  4. On the main dialogue when you choose to add a directory, it replaces the current list of mp3's with the ones from the newly selected directory. An improvement would be to choose whether to replace or combine the two lists of mp3's

  5. Adding the version number to the "about" dialogue, along with a link to the Hawkee page for this mp3 player

At this time, I will continue to use the older version as it works seamlessly and is by far the best mp3 player for mIRC that I have found. In fact, with the exception of points 1-5 above it would be just about perfect.

Hope this helps and you fix the bugs as well as looking into the suggestions, which I have seen implemented on other players.

I look forward to an updated version.

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