Jan 06, 2011
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illhawkthat   -  May 07, 2016

New mIRC snippet for wiki descriptions. I love quick info scripts like this and should be more useful than a dictionary lookup which is what I used before.

illhawkthat   -  May 07, 2016

Made some updates to youtube script:
and stock script:

illhawkthat   -  Nov 04, 2015

@Hawkee, hope you're doing well! Looks like stats for pages have been down for a month or so and I just wanted to give you a heads up.

illhawkthat   -  May 10, 2015

@Hawkee should be able to like a post/page by clicking on the heart IMO

illhawkthat   -  Dec 07, 2014

Hey @Hawkee great job on the redesign! Looks very clean.

Quick bug report, looks like something went wrong for looking up "snippet"?

illhawkthat   -  Jul 12, 2014

Here is an mIRC snippet I made for World Cup voting:

illhawkthat   -  Mar 06, 2014

@Hawkee are you aware of what is going on right now..............................................

illhawkthat   -  Nov 25, 2013

I just posted a new update to my YouTube script.
(I added options for rating and upload date)
This has been my most popular script on Hawkee!

illhawkthat   -  Nov 04, 2013

Just posted a new update to my mIRC stock quote script.
iGoogle finance API was taken offline, so I migrated to Yahoo finance.

illhawkthat   -  Feb 23, 2013

Add a click to copy all button for code snippets.

illhawkthat   -  Jan 13, 2013

Just helping a friend start a really cool new IRC network! come to if you want to join team awesome. First 100 users get a special prize. Try channels like #Chat for chat #omegle for an IRC omegle connection #LeafGhoul.FM to explore music etcetera!

illhawkthat   -  Nov 01, 2012

Remind me to finish my mSL script for Omegle connections.

illhawkthat   -  Sep 24, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote Sorry about the delay, I was sleeping.

  1. What do you mean by the "add to favorite list" button? Can you screenshot this? I'm not sure what you mean.
  2. Good catch lol, it was doing a search on youtube with no search results, and for some reason minecraft is first.
  3. !youtube and !noyoutube have been taken out, now !youtube will be used to search (just like a regular user) However, if you still want to manage channel settings without opening the dialog (by typing /youtube ) you can type either !youtubefetch OR !youtubelinks to enable for that channel, AND either !noyoutubefetch OR !noyoutubelinks

I hope this latest update makes it a little bit easier for you. You might also notice that when you right click in mirc, you will recieve a popup that if you click on it will open the YouTube dialog.

Thanks for the feedback.

illhawkthat   -  Sep 15, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote -- I changed some of the coding to allow for youtube searching the way you mentioned, previously I had been saving that command for something else, but it makes more sense to allow it for that. It will work now and if it doesn't feel free to let me know.
Update v3.3: Removed use of !youtube and added support for !youtube , minor fix for some VEVO videos.

illhawkthat   -  Sep 14, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote It worked fine for me, try restarting mIRC, or give me a specific example or screenshot or something to go by. I can't make it not work, so not sure what you mean by "not going".

illhawkthat   -  Sep 03, 2011

@Dani_l11 I pressed it, assuming it would go to your profile. BUT, since it was in an email notification, it went to my profile, so I was like, wait, he has an avatar that links to my profile? Weird. Weird, right?

illhawkthat   -  Sep 02, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote Thank you, seriously, thank you for letting me know about that one. I didn't realize that was broken. I updated to correctly parse on input links for, changed links to all be links instead of

I hope it works better now, let me know if you find any more problems.
[[ ]]

illhawkthat   -  Aug 29, 2011

@Jordyk19 Check it. Get the script then type /youtube to get to the dialog, then go to the just for fun tab and play the game.

illhawkthat   -  Aug 29, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote I am thinking if that is happening to you; you have not updated to the latest version of the script. It would only have done that if you specified you did not want it to run on that channel via the YouTube dialog.

Type /youtube in mirc then go to the Channel Settings Tab. Clear out the channels that you do want it to run on.

If this doesn't work please post again.
[[Ref. ]]

illhawkthat   -  Aug 27, 2011

@Phatninja55 I suggest the checkbox game found in the "Just For Fun" tab of my youtube script.

illhawkthat   -  Aug 20, 2011
illhawkthat   -  Aug 17, 2011

@Sonic7 Hey, I wasn't sure what you meant by your second comment on my script, but hopefully the change I made will fix whatever problem you had with &feature. Small update, but I couldn't reproduce the problem so let me know if this fixes it. [[]]

illhawkthat   -  Aug 02, 2011

@Phatninja55 WHATUP.

illhawkthat   -  Aug 02, 2011

@Callvote @Callvote I do not know what you mean by that. I have a hard time interpreting the broken english, sorry!
My best guess is that it is not parsing links for all the channels you want?
Take a look at:
"Default is to message a channel with info only if you are an op or above, OR you have specified you want to by typing in the channel !youtube (to shut off use !noyoutube)"
So, to get links from a channel you would type !youtube ((on the bot)) into that channel and it will message that channel with information about the videos.
Hope that helps.
[[Ref. ]]

illhawkthat   -  Jul 10, 2011

@StonaJakey Hey, here is the YouTube script and I have used $strip to remove the colors, I didn't test this, but it should work.
Sorry I was pretty lazy today, but if you want just open it in mIRC and you can edit out the color codes yourself (press alt-r to view it then remove the symbol created from ctrl-k
-- colorless
-- script
Let me know what needs work//fixing.

illhawkthat   -  Jul 10, 2011

@Drazhar Hey, I updated this snippet for you; should not throw that YOUTUBE Unknown Command anymore. Let me know if it works better now//if it still needs work.

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