Nov 27, 2010


Conscious   -  Feb 18, 2014

@Hawkee, the footer links are broken when on the snippets and code pages (I haven't checked any other pages). Tested in FF&Chrome

Conscious   -  Apr 21, 2013

@Hawkee My profile picture has relapsed to my old facebook profile picture; the image on my account page is my usual hawkee picture.

Conscious   -  Jan 27, 2013

Decided to learn python and do what I can of Project Euler in python where possible

Congratulations, the answer you gave to problem 3 is correct.

This may take a while...

Conscious   -  Jan 13, 2013

@Hawkee I was trying to find an old snippet of jaytea's, and I remember the user [plornt] commented on it, so I did a search for "[plornt]". Interesting results ;)

Conscious   -  Jan 03, 2013

@Hawkee why do you have the notifications as "xx responded to a Status Update, [url here]xx[/url]"? I find it would make more sense as "xx responded to <xx's Stats Update>."

Conscious   -  Dec 30, 2012

If anyone has any experience with LAN networking, it would be a pleasure to ask a few questions!

Conscious   -  Dec 27, 2012

@Hawkee when you click your notifications would it be possible for it to highlight the ones that you haven't previously seen?

Conscious   -  Dec 26, 2012

I really do need a profile picture, any suggestions? xD

Conscious   -  Dec 25, 2012

@Hawkee I do understand your reasoning for deprecating the forum; however a lot of's userbase is partially or entirely related to mirc - this is quite the opposite to most of the rest of the internet, and sticking to that, You say stack overflow covers Q&A quite well, but I'm bringing to light that I don't think I've ever found anything useful on mIRC there.

Conscious   -  Dec 22, 2012

Can anyone recommend a good android email app (for hotmail)? The emails I'm getting on my phone either show the html or are plain. Lame.

Conscious   -  Dec 22, 2012

@Hawkee it would be nice to see the option of having a daily update (when required) via email rather than have an email each notification; I like getting the emails, but sometimes I feel they are too often! Another option would be to only send one email per comment thread/post/image/etc until you've logged in again? Just throwing around ideas :)

Conscious   -  Nov 21, 2012

@Hawkee When I, from a page like the homepage, hover my mouse over the "Explore" button in the top menu bar, then click it without going to a submenu bar, it takes me to If I leave my mouse there, and don't move it away, the dropdown menu appears when the mouse ISN'T hovering on the explore button rather than when it is: an inverted menu.

Conscious   -  Nov 18, 2012

Been doing some html5 canvas work.

Will post it when I do partitioning :D

Conscious   -  Nov 18, 2012

How do I avoid sticking-together in circle collision?

Conscious   -  Nov 16, 2012

Code at the bottom. My apologies if BBcode code tags don't work in statuses which I have a suspicion it doesn't!

I'm sick of having to do two lines or $chr() shit if I want a comma in a mIRC identifier parameter. For example, var %reg = /(abc){1,3}/ then a regex line using $regex(,%reg).

So, I decided to make an alias out of it that puts all the parameters together. It works like this so far: $c(1,2,3) = 1,2,3. All good. However, due to the nature of mIRC, whitespaces on either side of the text are being cut out. E.g, $c(a , b, c) should return a , b, c but it returns a,b,c.

Has anyone found a solution to combat this problem?

alias c {
  var %x $1
  tokenize 32 $2-
  while ($1) {
    %x = %x $+ , $+ $1
    tokenize 32 $2-
  return %x
Conscious   -  Nov 11, 2012

@Hawkee I can't remember if there used to be a favicon, but there isn't now - intentional?

Conscious   -  Nov 10, 2012

I know mSL (mIRC Code), and PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, related stuff, blah blah, along with a tiny bit of Java (made a dodgy android game). What's next?

Conscious   -  Jul 21, 2012

@Hawkee The syntax highlighter for msl code gets the comments wrong, // is seen as a comment where it is never a comment in mirc. Example line 36

Conscious   -  Jul 12, 2012

@Hawkee "Top of Page" button next to ©2012 Hawkee at the bottom of the page goes to #top but does not go to the top.

Conscious   -  Jul 11, 2012

Posted my first snippet in a while, would be great if I could get some suggestions for further syntax fixes and/or bugs!

Conscious   -  Jan 27, 2012

@Hawkee I'm trying to edit my description @ but it cuts off at a certain amount of characters and leaves more than half of my description gone.

Edit: What i was trying to post is attached in the first comment.

Conscious   -  Oct 31, 2011
Conscious   -  Oct 13, 2011

@Hawkee Two small "issues"
lowercase "i" on the title, displays as "inbox" instead of the a capitalized first letter like the other pages.

When you reply to a message, there is no title at all unlike most other pages.

Conscious   -  Apr 29, 2011

@Hawkee I don't know if it's just me put profiles are loading extremely slowly for me... loading this at url /profile/2/#c83474 took over 2 minutes when a normal page (even on this site too) is instant..

Conscious   -  Apr 27, 2011

@Hawkee is advertising accross snippets.

Conscious   -  Apr 08, 2011

That page is returning nothing for me, but
is working correctly :o

Conscious   -  Mar 02, 2011

@Hawkee The MSL syntax hilighting link thing has broken links.

Not Found. The page you are looking for does not exist. Please use the above links to browse this website.

Conscious   -  Feb 28, 2011

@Hawkee Nope, comment still disappeared until refreshing.

Conscious   -  Feb 28, 2011

@Hawkee It worked correctly.

Conscious   -  Feb 28, 2011

@Hawkee 3.6.13

Oh, the liking works fine, just the comment I like dissappears until I refresh the page.

I'll try editing now.

Editing is fine.

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