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TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Aug 15, 2015
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I'm posting this blindly without a care in the world if it already exists, Creating bots that store dynamic data such as channel topics, parts of topics such as dividers and such are a pain in the backside when it comes to storing variables within mIRC.

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TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Minecraft Random Item Game Plugin using rcon  -  Dec 02, 2013

Well trying it with 1.7.2 dont work pretty much. Its more a case of. Variables dont even exist.

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: done in /home/mc/vanilla/mc_items.php on line 47
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: no_mode in /home/mc/vanilla/mc_items.php on line 50

and so on :P

TMFKSOFT   -  Nov 07, 2013

Good day everyone! I've not posted in a few months. I recently got a new PC and have built a desk to relax at. Hopefully I can look at rolling out scripts here and there. If you haven't seen already I recently released my PHP AI Bot that uses PITC-BOTS! You can get it from GitHub:

Have fun :)

TMFKSOFT   -  May 23, 2013

I've been busy and strayed from my projects.
I've however released this site:

I'll be smartening up the code and then adding more features!

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, PHP Dateify!  -  May 23, 2013

@sean Agreed I soon discovered that were showing the undesired result along with another issue. Im still working on it.

TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  May 22, 2013
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I've recently been working on a new project that called for a fancy looking time and date system. To solve this issue I've wrote one.

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TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  May 09, 2013
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Ever wanted to track a user on a network via their nick? Well this simple script allows you to. Just right click a user and hit add to watch list! The rest is self explanatory.

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TMFKSOFT   -  May 08, 2013

It's day 1 (Kinda, Its 11:34pm, Does that still count)
Im about to start work on my first script of many.
This weeks script is going to be a very simple URL Shortener.
It will be using BootStrap and a flat file database to boot.
I'll release the Script on Saturday for download.

SunnyD has mentioned using GitHub, I wont be using GitHub straight away, When all scripts are done they will be in one repo for download.

TMFKSOFT   -  May 07, 2013

I'm hoping to release a lot of PHP Based Stuff soon.
I'll be doing a while line of software that will be open to your criticism and ideas here's a simple list of such items:

Blogging Software - Simple Blogging in PHP
Forum Software - A simple user forum that allows users to make forum threads and such
Ticket Support System - allow people to make tickets and such
Social Network - Will be the BIGGEST Project of them all
Pastebinner - A simple pastebin Script.
URL Shortener A simple URL Shortening script.
Video Sharing Site - Saywhat!?
Search Engine - A Very Basic Search Engine Service

I'll be hoping to release a script every Saturday! (Jesus H O.o!)

I'll be documenting each day of each script on my personal blog and finished scripts will appear on Hawkee for download!
Some of the bigger Scripts may take a few days longer.

All scripts will have the ability to share users so you can have a whole system setup using my scripts and have a fluid system in place without separate logins! ;)

So that's all to come. The first script will be released THIS Saturday Next Saturday could be tricky due to a holiday but I hope to pop a script out sometime.

Thomas Edwards (TMFKSOFT)

TMFKSOFT commented on a Web App,  -  May 07, 2013

Bah why use Phurl?
Make your own ;)
It's not hard to do either :P

TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  May 02, 2013
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I've been writing a new bot lately and decided I wanted to add a topic function, so I wrote a full dynamic topic system. I know theres already scripts out there. but I dont care..

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TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Apr 23, 2013

I haven't posted any mIRC Scripts for a long time. A VERY LONG TIME.

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TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Apr 20, 2013


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TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2013
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PITC Has teamed with to produce a simple Screenshot uploading service for PITC!

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TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, [PHP] mIRC Identifier Library : mIRC.lib.php   -  Nov 22, 2012

ProIcons, You should have a go at converting mIRC scripts to PITC so I can intergrate an MSL Interpeter into my IRC Client XD

TMFKSOFT   -  Nov 22, 2012

If you are good with Javascript, CSS and HTML you should check PhoneGap out. With it you can make Apps for mobile devices. It supports Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and some more. Im learning how to use it now. You need experience with using GitHub where you store your project. :D

TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Nov 18, 2012
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This simple screenshot script utilises both a development addition to PITC and the PHP GD Image Extension.

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TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Little IRCd v1.0  -  Nov 14, 2012

I can remember writing one, It supported unlimited amounts of users but the userlist and such didnt work.

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Timer [PITC]  -  Nov 13, 2012

Really nice! Great to see a useful contribution towards PITC!

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Timer for in a bot.  -  Nov 12, 2012

You could swap the eval for an if. E.g.
$command = explode(" ",$input);

if ($command[1] == "msg") { / Message IRC / }

On another note, I'd love to see you implement it with my PHP IRC client PITC! :D

TMFKSOFT created a Page  -  Nov 12, 2012
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This script is similar to the IRC Bot in the Anope Support channel except this script returns the actual Module URL unlike the Anope Modbot.

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TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Disable text selection  -  Nov 04, 2012

I'm sure you stole that from my Linux GUI.
It's useful with Jquery Draggable, Sometimes the user ends up selecting half the page when trying to drag something.

TMFKSOFT   -  Oct 06, 2012

@Hawkee Suggestion! Maybe a tutorials section? For coding tutorials and such o.o?

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Oct 03, 2012

Im using your example with some test numbers. It looks like the CSS is wrong or something :/

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Oct 02, 2012

I see:
Any idea what I have done wrong?

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Oct 02, 2012

I couldn't get it working, It just showed a 3px high bar with nothing on, no matter what values I gave it. :/
You could do with adding an example of what the pars should be string/integer/array etc.


TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Oct 02, 2012

I'm either incredibly stupid or I dont know.
Where does the page content go?
Plus what's the deal with $template, It's not used anywhere?

TMFKSOFT   -  Oct 01, 2012

@Hawkee I've noticed the "TMFKSOFT posted your Snippet" status updates still exist?
Will you fix that anytime soon? Or is it intentional?

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, Minecraft Random Item Game Plugin using rcon  -  Oct 01, 2012

Looks good. I'll try it sometime.
I hope to at one point write a Minecraft Client in PHP to load BMP images in or arrays to build Pixel art or something.

TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, PHP PITC IRC Client Script  -  Sep 25, 2012

Haha nice script!

You can use

global $_PITC, $api;

There's no need for a seperate line.

PITC can return an array of words instead of a string so

$message = $args['text'];
$mess = explode(" ",$args['text']);

can become

$mess = $args['text_array'];

I love the Freddie Mercury trigger mainly as I LOVE that song and Queen in general.

p.s. I've noticed on line 26 and 29 you're repeating the bot's name, if you want an action you can do

$api->action("slaps someone.");
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