Oct 16, 2010


[nas]peter   -  May 05, 2013

Yay! I set up a load balanced url shortener on nginx that was intended for Apache! Took me a few hours to work everything out, but eventually it all works. Now I can finally make proper use of that expensive domain!

[nas]peter   -  Jan 25, 2013

Now hopefully windows 8 will install on my tablet correctly this time! Stupid upgrade manager doesn't check if you have 16.0 GB free disk space when trying to install... Stupid windows 7 Professional is too big :( Now lets hope the OEM version will work :)

[nas]peter   -  Jan 04, 2013

@Hawkee what about adding a report function next to Like and Comment, so you users could report useless spam? Just to keep spam away from hawkee?

[nas]peter   -  Nov 04, 2012

I was thinking of buying a computer for myself. I thought about second hand computers mainly for testing things (and running Debian as OS instead of VM). Is a Dell Poweredge 1850 good for this? I can get one pretty cheap and it seems to meet all my specifications for what I need. 2GB ram, dual intel Xeon processor at 2.8gHz. 2 HDD's with 73GB storage each, not like I'll use it as a NAS server :P. Or does anyone have a suggestion what I should instead of the PE1850?

[nas]peter   -  Jun 11, 2012

@Hawkee when you view the thing you get noticed about (and the email you get), it doesn't remove the notice thingy. Would be nice if it got removed once you view the comment on the status update/script.

[nas]peter   -  May 28, 2012

I finally found something to do! I'm currently developing RedStone, a Perl IRC bot! And I even learned to use GIT for that! https://bitbucket.org/RussellB28/redstone Enough to do and to add! If you have a suggestion, let me know! I might add it!

[nas]peter   -  Apr 24, 2012

I have nothing to do! I don't know wha tI will be doing soon. Got no ideas of what to make now in Perl!

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