Oct 12, 2010

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Majishine commented on a Page, chat clear   -  Oct 18, 2010

[quote="blackvenomm666"]kinda retarded ya'll should start using a real chat[/quote]

If you took the time to find out. You would see that isn't just a chat room site. It's a streaming video site much like uStream where you can watch live video being streamed by users. Anything from webcams to videogames to television and more. Each "channel" has it's own chat room, which hosts with IRC servers they own, but uses a Javaapplet to put the chat onto the same page as the video.

It's not just a chat room and the users usually have no control over having access to their chatrooms with IRC, because the use of IRC programs with their servers are blocked unless you apply to their "whitelist" and get accepted.

Please refrain from making uninformed insults in the future.

Majishine commented on a Page, chat clear   -  Oct 13, 2010

Well napa, hosts their chat servers just like any other IRC chat, but most users access chatrooms based on which channel they are watching. On each channel page is a Javascript applet which logs them into the IRC chatroom for that channel.

However, does allow users who request access to connect to their IRC chat servers using IRC chat programs like mIRC.
Their Javaapplet has a command to clear the chat room for all users, which is /clear, but for some reason if your logged into their IRC servers via mIRC, the same command only clears the chat for yourself. So the snippet created is kinda needed if you wish to create a command to allow your bot to clear the Javaapplet Chat.

Majishine commented on a Page, Chat Fighter Game  -  Oct 12, 2010

I was thinking about making it write to on ini file for record keeping.
Also, since my bot is hosted on IRC servers. They have it set so that when someone is kicked, by default their servers ban that person from talking in the room for 10 minutes(They call it a TimeOut), so without the unban timer, users would suffer an entire 10 minutes of not being able to chat.
A HP bar would be cool, but another reason this is all text based is because once again since it's on IRC servers, most users will be using a javabased applet to access the chat room which does not allow for color coding of texts.
Thanks though.

Majishine created a Page  -  Oct 12, 2010

I've been making games for my bot recently and this is one the first few that I coded completely from scratch. It should work just fine with IRC.

Majishine commented on a Page, chat clear   -  Oct 12, 2010 chat servers as hosted on their personal IRC

Some users that signed up for IRC access have access to their chat servers via IRC client.
Most of the users that have access like to create chatroom bots for

Yes, the command for /clear for some reason has to be done differently when you are on mIRC, you have to specify channel to make the bot clear the chatroom.

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