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Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Cryptoquip Generator [0.64 KB]  -  Nov 05, 2013

I made something similar to this a year ago (or more, I don't remember how long it's been). Only difference is hat it didn't use a randomly generated set of letters/numbers/symbols for replacement. It was a set string for each letter/number/etc. Also a decoder. It was just for fun with a few friends when we wanted to have random conversations in the channel without anyone knowing what it was. Lol. :P Looks good though.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Long Text Kick: Variant 1 and 2  -  Mar 10, 2013

Why not strip the first one as well?

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, .commands for bot  -  Dec 31, 2012

Looks fine, but it would be much easier to just use one ON TEXT event and just use elseif's to figure out the rest of the commands. :)

Abcdefmonkey   -  Dec 22, 2012

@Hawkee I seem to notice sizing issues and something else with the login on mobile. I tried to use Facebook login and it did the process and then proceeded to ask me to choose a username. I clicked I already had one and a login popped up, so I logged in with my user and pass and it said "Abcdefmonkey is already taken"... about the sizing here's a screen of it.. I couldn't upload image because nothing pops up when I choose select images.. lol...

Oh and im on a Samsung Galaxy S3

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, My Rainbow Colors  -  Dec 19, 2012

2 colors? I have a snippet that I posted a while back that does this with all the colors. Uses

Menu channel,status,nicklist

Has on/off options and does reversed text, as well as, reversed rainbow text. Can be removed as desired. [Link:]

The snippet looks nice from just a glance over it. Just needs more colors to be a rainbow :P

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Simple Bot Commands  -  Nov 13, 2012

I don't think this would be a very good way for people to "start" - considering you have a variable in the place of the #Channel. :P

Abcdefmonkey   -  Nov 08, 2012

Hmm, I was just browsing and I just now noticed that you can re-size the text box to a size of your desire and I was wondering something @Hawkee - could you make the text box overlap the right panels? As it stands it displays under it and you can't see that portion of the text box. :P I'm assuming it's intended to overlap them all, possibly something you missed, perhaps?


Edit: It overlaps the right panels further on down the page, just not the profile panel or the Facebook plug.. Screen:

Edit #2: Further inspection, it seems to just be the initial "Status Update" text box that's doing it. Screen:

Edit #3: It's the same with the Image Upload and Post Snippet. xD

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Disable text selection  -  Nov 04, 2012

Maybe it's copyrighted text? :P No clue. I've actually been on some sites for school and they didn't allow selecting text or even using the copy/paste functions and disabled CTRL-C/V. I would assume for such reasons.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, AutoIdentify   -  Oct 24, 2012

Well, just to point out the obvious, it says it was coded by VampiR. Unless this is you, it's required that you give the author full credit.

If this is yours, I see no purpose in this snippet as mIRC has an auto-identify feature built-in. This just simply allows one to change their nickname via a dialog basically. Pretty pointless, but decent snippet nonetheless.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Tables sorted by size in Megabytes  -  Oct 19, 2012

Eh, GUI is good. I prefer the GUI, personally. I've used PHPMyAdmin for the longest and I haven't had much trouble. However, using the CLI isn't bad either. It has its advantages over GUI. Although, GUI is best suited for noobies to MySQL or people much like myself. XD Even though I'm not so much a noobie :P

Abcdefmonkey   -  Oct 11, 2012

Test. D:

Abcdefmonkey   -  Oct 08, 2012

Hmm, @Hawkee I was thinking about something that would be slightly useful (in my opinion) to add to the site. When you're on the home page maybe add a little tip bubble that pops up when you hover your mouse over the person's image for who you're following and who's following you which would display their account name. Just a thought. I randomly felt like seeing who was following me because I don't remember their images except SunnyD's and yours of course. Even though I only have 2 followers, but still. It would be nice to incorporate to the profile page as well. I do realize it shows their name if you click "view all", but I think you get the idea. XD

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, access list  -  Oct 03, 2012

Although I haven't really tried this, it looks like it should work as-is. I would add a check to ensure that a $2 and $3 is there when triggering the command. Possibly something like this

writeini users.ini $$2 level $$3

Just a simple way to do it. The $$'s ensure that the command will on trigger if the $2/$3 are present. However, there are other ways to check for such things and also return an error possibly if desired.


if ($1 == !add) && ($nick isop #) && (!$2) || (!$3) { writeini users.ini $2 level $3 }
else { notice $nick ERROR: Wrong Syntax. Correct syntax: !Add <nick> <level> }

The ! in front of the $ checks if that parameter exists in the trigger. If the $2 or $3 doesn't exist (The || means or)

Just some tips. Don't take it as me implying you're a noob by detailing my examples. I don't mean it in any fashion as that.

Good job overall. :)

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Logs windows 1.0  -  Sep 15, 2012

Personally, I find this to be pretty useless. However, someone may want this for a purpose that they see fit. I only log queries that I get when I'm away and highlights when I have them enabled. XD

Might just be me, but I use

window -n[2]k[0] @Window

Just an organizational preference also prevents start up lag from opening any/all windows and having to display them each individually as they load. Not much of a lag, but to me it helps. The -n[2] switch minimizes the window as it is created and the -k[0] removes the @ from the window. As I said, probably just a personal preference. :P I like neatness and efficiency. Overall, good job though.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, random welkoms massage on join  -  Sep 13, 2012

Also, @extreme12 why would you go through the pain of wasting so much space for a snippet that can be done in 1 or 2 lines of coding? A .txt file would suffice in snippets like this. It reduces the length of the code for starters and eliminates the need for it to jump to a number to read the line.

On *:JOIN:#: { .msg $chan $Read(Welcome.txt) }

This would work perfectly. Sorry if I seem a bit rude. Apologies.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, random welkoms massage on join  -  Sep 13, 2012

Let me butt in here and say the snippet doesn't work as @Sorasyn and @Stewie1k94 stated. Let's examine why.

Your code:

on *:JOIN:#: {   
 /set %join.rand $rand(1.3) {    
  if (%join.rand == 1) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat $nick      
  if (%join.rand == 2) /msg $chan welcome on the $chan chat chanal $nick.     
  if (%join.rand == 3) /msg $chan welcome $nick, stick to the rules and I will not kick you ;)   

Line 2 is incorrect. Let's start from the first error. You have a period instead of a comma where you use $rand. It should read $rand(1,3) not $rand(1.3). Secondly, this line doesn't require a bracket at the end. There is no statement preceding the bracket, therefore it won't work as-is. Your code should look similar to @Stewie1k94's code in order for it to work properly. >.<

Overall, I don't understand why people still make these types of snippets anymore. No one really wants to be greeted by a bot. It's quite annoying (personally). However, it is a good place to start (I suppose) if you're new to coding mSL. >.<

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Auto Identify (for mIRC bot)  -  Sep 05, 2012

Although you're right @blackvenomm666 if an impostor was to switch to one of the "owner" nicknames the person would still have access to the commands regardless of being identified because the script doesn't check for such. However, some networks allow you to set a time limit for identifying, but even then for the brief moment you're on the nickname commands can be done.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Random kick/slap snippet  -  Aug 31, 2012

As far as I can tell, it seems to work as-is. However, you have a variable that isn't being used for anything at all -- %mood.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Auto Identify (for mIRC bot)  -  Aug 20, 2012

Hmm, looks okay. I wouldn't use nicknames as a way to save owners. Preferably, I would use their hostname. Maybe someone who has access to the bot decides to change nicknames, then they wouldn't have access. $address($nick,3) would suffice when saving.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  May 29, 2012

Geckat, it wouldn't trigger bigger parts of the code necessarily. I did have a game bot on the SwiftIRC network running for two years that used 1.5k lines of coding and it was on 1 ON TEXT event. I just used regex to differentiate between the triggers. :)

Also, from the looks of it, the coding isn't too bad. I would've probably used hash for saving the data though. Hmm, if I find some time soon, I'll look into modifying the code, with your permission of course.

Good job either way.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Epic Slap Script Part 2  -  May 15, 2012

No, I wasn't questioning you or judging. Also, I meant "script" as in the "themes" per say people create with extras added onto it. That's what I was referring to. Sorry for being vague with my description. Furthermore, I know what you meant with the $read() bit. I'm not exactly a noob with mIRC scripting. :P

No harm, no foul @Yawhatnever =]

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Epic Slap Script Part 2  -  May 15, 2012

@Yawhatnever Even though I agree with you, I will say that these types of slap "scripts" are generally for mIRC Scripts. I've seen numerous mIRC Scripts in the past I've used that had slaps such as these integrated for fun. Not a big deal really. Personally, I would do it randomly in a text file.

Good job @Vampire@lucidchat

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Query Blocker  -  Apr 02, 2012

I know that, @Blackvenomm666.. It was just a more simplified way of achieving what was desired. I personally just use Menu Channel ... I have no use for nicklist and the likes for my scripts.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

Well, @Pangaea it will work for your bot. I tried it myself. Change the first line to this

on *:TEXT:*:#: { 

Then replace this line

 msg $target $1- 

Just change $target to the channel name you want it relayed to. Cheers :)

Edit: here's what you need.. i made the changes for you

on *:TEXT:*:#: { 
    var %acros = shit,fuck,slut,slapper,slag,cunt,dick,ass,arse,fuck,niger,mother fucker,wanka,wanker,fanny,fucker,
    var %expand = (Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);(Censored);

    var %x = $numtok(%acros,44) 
    while (%x) { 
      var %w = $gettok(%acros,%x,44) 
      var %xx = $findtok($1-,%w,0,32) 
      while (%xx) { 
        tokenize 32 $reptok($1-,%w,$gettok(%expand,%x,59),%xx,32) 
        dec %xx 
      dec %x 
    msg #RELAY-CHANNEL $1- 
Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

ON TEXT events are processed as the text is being messaged to the channel. ON INPUT works as the user (you) input the text. Using an ON INPUT on a bot wouldn't work due to the fact it would only trigger if the bot itself typed the words that triggered it. :p

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Query Blocker  -  Apr 02, 2012

If you want a right-click option @HacknSlash just put this in your remotes somewhere. I'd probably add it to the same section as this snippet, but that's me. :P

menu * {
Query Blocker:/qb

You can change "Query Blocker" to whatever pleases you.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, bad word replacer  -  Apr 02, 2012

@Pangaea this snippet uses on INPUT... changing it to on TEXT would work, from a bot's perspective.

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Rainbow Text (Including reversed text)  -  Mar 27, 2012

-.- lol

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Rainbow Text (Including reversed text)  -  Mar 27, 2012

Anyways, back to the snippet. xD Lots of off topic stuff here XD

Post snippet
Talks about my OS

Lolol :P And yeh tpb <3

Abcdefmonkey commented on a Page, Rainbow Text (Including reversed text)  -  Mar 27, 2012

Well, there's no difference between Enterprise and Ultimate anyways. So I went with the custom built Windows 7 Infinium :P Only difference between Enterprise and Ultimate is that Enterprise requires a volume license to activate. xD

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