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Wade   -  Jul 03, 2013

Just finished my new site http://www.iwader.co.uk/ Opinions?

Wade   -  Feb 19, 2013

@Hawkee when viewing anyones profile the page title always seems to be 's profile

Wade   -  Jan 19, 2013

@Hawkee When you view your projects on your own profile, there is no tabs like on the code snippets, threads and home tabs.

Wade   -  Dec 12, 2012

Been dabbling with some java, having never tried my hand at it before. Going pretty successfully. Also been tying that in with PHP using the ISPConfig 3 API, which i must say, im loving the flexibility of. Much better than any other free control panel i've used.

Wade   -  Nov 19, 2012

Been playing with Twitter's Bootstrap and really loving it. CSS/JS framework for responsive web designs. Really good documentation as well. http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

Wade   -  Nov 15, 2012

@Hawkee is it possible to set a password on my account if I'm logging in via. facebook? I was unable to login via. facebook earlier for some reason, just kept redirecting me to the homepage and couldn't login as a normal user because I've never set a password.

Wade commented on a Page, Auto connect & oper & Joiner  -  Nov 04, 2012

i would suggest if your opering on connect, or indeed using any script to oper up, you authenticate via. SSL Certs. rather than a password. This avoids the possibility of your password being leaked if you paste the script to someone

Wade created a Page  -  May 27, 2012

This snippet pulls a team and users stats from the Extreme Overclocking API, as such your team needs to be added to the Extreme Overclocking site in order for the stats to work. It can be found here http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/ (Though i think they've recently started syncing all team data, not only those who have submitted their team to the site)

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Wade   -  May 23, 2012

Got my new Ivy Bridge setup so started crunching again on Folding@Home. Daily stats: http://goo.gl/WHhgA Project Home: http://goo.gl/3zVus

Wade commented on a Page, Theme for irc  -  Apr 06, 2012

you can use "echo -t" that will echo the line prefixed with $timestamp, so you dont need to add $timestamp manually.

also you may want to look at $nick().pnick instead of repeatedly checking if $nick isop, ishop, isvoice etc. (remember you have $left() and $right() :P )

You also have a random privmsg command on line 110, but other than that looking good :)

Wade commented on a Page, auto ignore on abuse   -  Mar 18, 2012

Maybe a little use of regex instead of loads of separate events.

on $*:TEXT:/(word1|word2|word3|etc)/Si:#: {
;do stuff
Wade commented on a Page, Domain WHOIS Script - v1 - [BOTS]  -  Mar 12, 2012

Why not just filter out key information rather than sending the whole reply to the user, most of which is usually irrelevant information or formatting

Wade commented on a Page, kill randon on action poke  -  Mar 09, 2012

@chachin updated my previous post :)

Wade commented on a Page, kill randon on action poke  -  Mar 08, 2012

For @chachin. Added antispam, will ignore pokes if you get poked 5 times within 5 seconds, also will reset counter at 10,000 kills.

Add channels to %ignorechans seperated by a space to stop the script in those channels

on *:action:pokes *:#: {
    if ($2 == $me) {
        var %ignorechans #chan1 #chan2 #chan3
        if ($istok(%ignorechans,$chan,32)) { return }
        inc -u5 %antispam.pokes
        if (%antispam.pokes >= 5) { return }
        var %nick = $nick(#,$r(1,$nick(#,0)))
        if (%nick == $nick) || (%nick == $me) { goto nickpick }
        inc %kills
        describe $chan explodes, 08killing %nick $+ . 09,13(People Killed: $bytes(%kills,b) $+ ) 
        if (%kills >= 10000) { unset %kills }
Wade commented on a Page, Invite Message  -  Feb 24, 2012

This is a very basic one, should cover what you need tho :) Unforunatly you cant check if a nick isop without joining the channel. The reason the check is on a timer is because the IAL isnt updated until the join event ends, so if you check if $nick isop before the join event has ended it wont see them as an op.

on *:INVITE:#: {
  if (!$hget(spamcheck,$chan)) {
      hadd -mz spamcheck $chan 60
      hadd -mu5 invite $chan $nick 
      join $chan
  else {
      .notice $nick I was just invited to $chan $+ . Please wait $duration($hget(spamcheck,$chan)) before inviting me again

on *:JOIN:#: {
  if ($nick == $me) && ($hget(invite,$chan)) {
      $+(.timer_checkop_,$chan) 1 1 check_op $hget(invite,$chan) $chan

alias check_op {
  if ($1 isop $2) || ($1 ishop $2) {
      msg $2 Hi there im $me $+ . I was invited by $1 $+ .
  else {
      part $2 I was invited by a non-op. Please try again
Wade commented on a Page, Rainbow Text  -  Feb 20, 2012

What napa said.

However you should easily be able to fix that by using 2 digit colour codes.

i.e: 4 becomes 04. 7 becomes 07, etc.

Wade commented on a Page, kill randon on action poke  -  Feb 17, 2012

You dont need the

else { goto rest }

its redundant seeing as mIRC will sequentially go through the code anyway unless you put a halt or return in there.

Wade commented on a Page, Invite Message  -  Feb 16, 2012

@thegingon. That wouldnt work seeing as to check if $nick isop $chan you need to be on the channel.

I see now that its for a bot, so with some spam protection and a couple of other bells and whistles it would be good to have auto-join on invite.

Wade commented on a Page, Invite Message  -  Feb 15, 2012

Should never have auto-join on invite, unless you have some sort of whitelist system. Just open to so much abuse.

Wade commented on a Page, Basic Lotto Script  -  Feb 11, 2012

Well whoevers script it is, its not gunna work. You have alias in an event. They should be separate blocks of code

Wade commented on a Page, Color Checker  -  Jan 25, 2012

mode IRCd's have modes to block coloured messages and some even have modes to strip colour codes from messages automatically.

UnrealIRCd uses c to block messages. and S to strip colours.

Wade commented on a Page, Optional +v -v for ChatSpace   -  Jan 23, 2012
on $*:TEXT:/^[!@.](un)?green/Si:#: {
    mode $chan $iif($regml(1),-,+) $+ v $nick
    msg $chan $iif($regml(1),Th,H) $+ ere ya go, $nick
Wade commented on a PHP Script, Vii Bot (a.k.a Muts)  -  Jan 07, 2012

Looks good :D

Perhaps look into the PDO class as a database handler rather than using mysql* functions. Its compiled in C++ and uses the MySQL API directly (as well as supporting many other database drivers) so its alot faster than the standard mysql* functions.

Also its OO and alot more secure against SQL Injection as it uses prepared statements and binds.


FYI. Should always chmod to 755 rather than 777, otherwise every user on the system will be able to write to the files, where as with 755 only the http daemon user can ;)

Wade commented on a Page, Command list  -  Jan 02, 2012

my head just exploded with all that regex.

Wade commented on a Page, on join  -  Dec 18, 2011

Not quite sure why you would want to message yourself when you part a channel.

Wade commented on a Page, AutoOper v1.0  -  Oct 27, 2011

/url will automatically check and validate the url, whereas /run will only check if its a valid url, else it will attempt to run it as a program which will probably return an error.

Wade commented on a Page, Channel count  -  Sep 08, 2011

Sometimes i really think the internet should have some sort of test to qualify for the privileges to use it....

Wade commented on a Page, MySQL Seen System + Cache 1.14 STABLE (MBC Base)  -  Sep 05, 2011

Aha2y its only using local variables for the MySQL return from the server (Its the way SQL works). Its actually storing all the data inside a MySQL Database.

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