Aug 30, 2010

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LostTruths   -  Sep 03, 2010

@FordLawnmower FordLawnmower you wouldnt happen to have a anti spam addon for a bot that will cycle the channel every x x amount of mins. to check for spam or infected mirc users would you?

LostTruths commented on a Page, !horoscope  -  Sep 03, 2010

What about making a horoscope animal like Sagittarius is a rat. Chinese Horoscope Animal Signs.

!sagittarius Sagittarius: Your friends and family have a lot to say today -- too much, most likely! That doesn't mean you should blow them off, but at some point your impatience is sure to show through. Then it's time to act! !rat Rat: Proceed with caution on the day of the Wood Rabbit. Treading lightly around others could help defend against gossips and petty attacks on your character. Spending frugally is advisable, as these times could put a strain on your checkbook and unforeseen expenditures might begin to pile up.
LostTruths commented on a Page, DCC BOT Partyline like an eggdrop partyline  -  Sep 02, 2010

yes im commenting on this snippet.
i think there should be a !command or !dcchelp for a command list

LostTruths created a Page  -  Sep 02, 2010
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It's not mine but i have heard people ask about it i found the code it works.

LostTruths commented on a Page, .NET Random FML  -  Sep 02, 2010

wth is this?

LostTruths commented on a Page, netsplit detector  -  Aug 31, 2010

i saw on undernet someone had a netsplit detector that picked up the split and auto jumped servers...was wondering if anyone could write a code to do so. if so someone send me a msg or if you hang out on undernet just hop by #GraveYard or look me up my nick is LostTruths

LostTruths commented on a Page, EggDrop Party Line Connection for mIRC  -  Aug 30, 2010

Works great. thx and keep up the good coding. ;p

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