Aug 26, 2010
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Salut! Eu iti recomand sa renunti la donatii ca nu vei primi de la nimeni. E bine sa pastrezi totu ca pasiune si sa dezvolti ceea ce iti place.

afp_romania   -  Dec 16, 2015

too bad that this site is not good anymore :)

afp_romania created a Page  -  Oct 08, 2015

Clase de luptatori

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afp_romania created a Page  -  Sep 22, 2015

Hello! I have created this script in 2013 but updated yesterday with minor bug fixes.

afp_romania created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2015

'''VB .NET Application'''

afp_romania   -  Jan 25, 2015

@Hawkee how about multi language site? :) I can translate for romanian language. It will be nice to have this!

afp_romania   -  Dec 13, 2014

Please, make your site to work on Mozilla Firefox from mobile. I cant navigate anymore.

afp_romania   -  Oct 07, 2014

You probabbly know that i created my messenge app in VB .NET, called VibeIM using MySQL. Today i want to show you v2.
It is just for preview only :)

afp_romania   -  Sep 30, 2014

I want to make a little script, but i dont know how. i know that is about time format, but i didnt finded anything with that.

I need a script that can do this:
On 1:join:#: {
if (time < 12am) { msg $chan $nick morning $nick $+ ! }
elseif (time > 12) && (timer < 18 pm) { etc }
elseif (time > 18pm) { etc }

afp_romania   -  May 26, 2014

Hello again!
Since i was idle for a period, i decided to show you my second version for my chat app. VIBE IM is now more cool than ever, with some cool features.

This app is working with MySQL and only on Windows8.

Whats New?

  • avatar
  • emoticons
  • sounds
  • messenger list
  • sms
    And still working on it. My app will become avaible for download when will be finished and you will can integrate this chat app in any website that has a db.

For a demo, check out my youtube video:

afp_romania   -  Jan 30, 2014

I'm working on v3 for my Starcraft script :3

afp_romania   -  Jan 24, 2014

Hello all!
What do you think about my irc script? It's a Starcraft mirc, but soon i'm planning to make v.3
This is the video:

afp_romania   -  Nov 20, 2013

This is a simple interface wich can be very good for hawkee. A desktop app with some mysql connection and some autoupdate infos.

afp_romania   -  Nov 20, 2013

New update for my comunity app =^^=

  • added backgrounds
  • added a simple clock
afp_romania   -  Nov 19, 2013

This is a simple app in VB 2010 using WMP and some simple buttons to help users navigate on our social website.

afp_romania   -  Sep 29, 2013

i dont see any activity......

afp_romania commented on a Page, CPU and RAM usage  -  Sep 19, 2013

I forgot to mention: click on timer and on Properties set:

  • Interval: 500
afp_romania created a Page  -  Sep 19, 2013

This code will display the CPU and RAM usage using two progressbars. You will need:

afp_romania   -  Sep 10, 2013

Those are my screens for my script that i have created with the code snippets from hawkee. So, Hawkee, thanks :D

afp_romania commented on a Page, dis-i-like  -  Sep 08, 2013

I'm using this script and it's very cool. But can you make a command like !utotal and the script will show the users who liked you?
For example:
AFp: !utotal Andreea
Script: Who liked Andreea (number total): johnny, Max, Crys, samantha, etc.

afp_romania commented on a Page, Admin user controls  -  Apr 18, 2013

I forgot to post the image for script. :D

afp_romania created a Page  -  Apr 18, 2013

This pannel i have created for me, but i will like to share with you :D Note: on "else" event i put a sound for my script, you can add an echo message or put there a sound :)

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afp_romania   -  Dec 28, 2012

i dont like this :) i dont like that i cant find some posts from my activitym like forum activityes. i cand find the forum address. it's annoying that i cant reach to bottom, and it very annoyng to rotate mpuse wheel until the page stop loading.
I'm gonna delete my profile from hawkee. :) BYE

afp_romania commented on a Page, On Join  -  Dec 09, 2012

I have found what i was looking for! Good job.

afp_romania created a Page  -  Dec 07, 2012

This snippet i have founded on google, and it might be good for someone :D it's very simple to use.

afp_romania   -  Dec 05, 2012

This is a program that i'm working on in VB.NET I have write half code, but still to go. I will release it soon so stay tune :P

afp_romania commented on a Page, Disable Task Manager  -  Dec 04, 2012

It is important to know has you can disable, because some viruses disable task manager, and you have to reenable it :) to stop processes or background apps.

afp_romania commented on a Visual Basic App, Messenger using MySQL Connection  -  Dec 03, 2012

well, in the sistem you can use ajax to auto update :D

afp_romania commented on a Visual Basic App, Messenger using MySQL Connection  -  Dec 03, 2012

noup, but soon maybe :D

afp_romania created a Visual Basic App  -  Dec 02, 2012
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