Aug 07, 2010
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Heartbroken commented on a Page, GhostKill NickProtection  -  Sep 28, 2011

hi :)

can you add oper login dialog option into this if its possible.that will be great.. ..i use this code but not enuff alone .and i need another one for to send my oper pass so..if you cld add oper-admin login into this we can auto identify and login all in one code. thank you ...

Heartbroken commented on a Page, Google Dialog Search  -  Aug 07, 2010

last couple of weeks i have a problem with this :/
Dunno why cus it works realy great before and i appreciated for this to you Ford_Lawnmower realy super scripting.:)

but now it didn't work ..when i try to make a !google search bot shows nuthin when i re-type it noticed me -> - Google in use!!
so i check into bot .on bot's status window wrotes ->

[23:54:59] -> -emule- http://www.google.com.tr/

  • /sockwrite: 'Google#mychanname' not connected (line 95, script31.mrc)

    so i unload -re-load many times and i try to check to wtf is .

i found -> nuthin :P

so pls help meh to find whats happen .huh ?

Heartbroken commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Aug 07, 2010

hi i already use this snippet and i like it .thnx Ford_Lawnmower :)

may i make a request for this snippet ?

how we can make '' !aka nick '' search option in to this.i though we can use this for bot on chan. for example ->
blabla : !aka tatim
AKA-Bot : AKA Tatim AKA is online . other nicks was : Leo_2010|off,Leo_2010,The_Beatles,Beatles,Tatim,Arpeggio_From_Hell,Arpeggio|Off,Muspellheim,Muspullheim,Troy,Pomba

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