Jun 29, 2010

mIRC Code Snippets

cofvempire created a Page  -  Mar 07, 2013

this is just a simple /who viewer it shows nick and realname just r-click anywhere then who viewer or /whos u will b asked for a channel put a channelname in (#hawkee ex.) a dialog will open after 1 sec. if its to long or to short change timer.

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cofvempire created a Page  -  Oct 07, 2011
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its a simple list renew script it stops at disconnect, but u can start and stop it with the rightclickmenu also timer is set to check it every 20 min. was a request so why would i not share it with all of you

cofvempire created a Page  -  Aug 23, 2011

this is my auto away script when ur on idle u can use brb to put u away and to come back just say something in the channel if u don't use brb it will set u away after 30 min. with the text brb example:

cofvempire created a Page  -  Jul 21, 2011
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it's my first theme, i know its not perfect but i'm trying to make it work perfectly :) its based on a nnscripttheme and works best with font lucida console size 9 and a dark background i used a highlighting script from some else (don't remember who but credits go to him) i used it on mirc 6.34 and the highlighting, flashing, beeping stopped working with this theme so i included that it will flash..

cofvempire created a Page  -  Jul 11, 2011

seen a script from TochA1551 isnt bad, but i wanted to log the reports, so this is it. feel free to comment. change to the nick who is the botowner (duh :p)

cofvempire created a Page  -  Jul 04, 2011

ok its my first script with the use of ini, so b kind :) it saves nicks on join and you can manually add nicks to it. removal of a nick is included show nick info that was saved (address and last seen on the channel with time) search for a nick (then it shows the same info as above)

cofvempire created a Page  -  Dec 10, 2010

just a little snippet with extended bans, prevent users to join ur channel if the come from another channel, silence ban, realname ban (with kick).

cofvempire created a Page  -  Dec 10, 2010

just a simple away script, just do /aw to put you away (add reason). and /ba to put u back any suggestions r welcome, just b gentle to me xD

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