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Savage_CL created a Page  -  Oct 25, 2013
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Return a tokenized list of all nicks that match the wildcard given.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Simple away snippet  -  Aug 09, 2013

Some things...

You may want to add a list of people you've already notified so you can't get flooded off the server too easily. Also, you should make use of the server command "away".

Savage_CL commented on a Page, mIRC Lock  -  Aug 09, 2013

Other than the time-lapse lock, this functionality is built into mIRC. hold control while minimizing, and to do so when starting, under other in options is lock.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, on text mute  -  Aug 09, 2013

in your rawmode... you have $regex($1,/(a|v|o|h|q)/iS)
the i flag makes it case insensitive, but you actually don't want that in this case.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Incomplete Picture Window Editor "PWEDitor v1.0 Beta"  -  Aug 09, 2013

Well a small piece to a big puzzle... There's code that will calculate the width for you. From the help docs:


Returns width of text in pixels for the specified font.

If B is non-zero, the font is bold, if C is non-zero, control codes are processed. Both B and C are optional.

Note: If you use a negative number for the font size, it will match the size of fonts in the font dialog.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, POST Who result to PHP and read HTML content  -  Aug 09, 2013

the echo is failing on the empty line after the header information. For the purposes of your testing, replace line 36 with:

echo -a $iif(%result,$v1,$chr(160))

This way it doesn't end up with nothing to echo on a blank line.

If your script only returns 1 or 0, you can be confident in:

if (%result isnum) { we have our number, 1 or 0, stored in %result. do stuff! }

Also make sure your php is sending PHP_EOL (end of line) so mIRC knows the line is done, as your code, even when that echo fails, should continue!

Last but not least.... Questions should go in the forums, not snippets!

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Help me Improve this please  -  Aug 09, 2013

If you were to set all of your variables like so:


this would avoid it not playing well with other scripts, and also allow you to do this:

unset %duel.*

and unset them all in one go.

I would also suggest trying to learn hash tables, and they would be better suited to this purpose.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Fillezilla Monitor Script  -  Aug 09, 2013

A couple of things you could do:

because you have FILEPATH in multiple places, try this at the top, so you only need to set it once. Then call it with $FILEZILLA_FILEPATH.


your server and channel could be set this way (called a constant) as well, so you aren't using extraneous variables. As far as why you have a specific server set, it looks to be so it automatically starts only on the IRC server you want (incase you connect to multiple).

I also suggest commenting the hell out of your code. Every couple of lines or every scope change, so you know what you're doing there if you ever have to come back to it.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Broadcast to custom channels  -  Aug 09, 2013

For the channel modifiers, you may want to use a comma (,) instead of a period (.) because channel names allow for periods on some, if not all networks. Also, you should still use multi-target messaging, so you don't evade channel flags.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Connect to more then one server on startup  -  Aug 09, 2013

Where is the ini file created? Since the servers are listed there, shouldn't there be more than just writeini's for choosing whether a server is on or off?

And further, though I know that it likely won't cause any harm, you should have 3 sections of your INI file. one would be =, one would be =, and one =<enabled?>. ID would be an auto-incrementing number, maybe stored in a 4th section. Yes, this sounds like overkill, but it's good programming practice, incase you want to add more information (description? channel list?) in the future.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, 'You PC is dead!' Fun script  -  Aug 09, 2013

Alright, so I know the point is to be mirthful and not have any real use, but isn't it a little silly, considering you would have to somehow get your target to load a script that spells out "you PC is dead."? You might find this useful, too:

; ascii numbers, space delimited, converted to string
alias a2s {
  ; define our variables
  var %ceiling = $0,%iterator = 1,%string,%number
  ; get through the numbers
  while (%iterator <= %ceiling) {
    ; what is our number?
    %number = $ [ $+ [ %iterator ] ]
    ; is it actually a number? if not, just quit now.
    if (%number !isnum) { return $false }
    ; We're here? good! It's a number
    ; add the corresponding character to the string, replacing spaces with something outrageous to keep track of them later
    %string = %string $+ $chr($iif(%number == 32,12345,$v1))
    ; move on
    inc %iterator
  ; we have our built string with the replaced spaces. Let's change those back and wrap this show up
  %string = $replace(%string,$chr(12345),$chr(32))
  if ($isid) {
    return %string
  echo -a %string

; string to ascii numbers, string delimited.
alias s2a {
  ; set the variables
  var %ceiling = $len($1-),%iterator = 1,%string
  ; get through each character in the string
  while (%iterator <= %ceiling) {
    ; add the next number
    %string = %string $asc($mid($1-,%iterator,1))
    ; move on
    inc %iterator
  ; we have our numbers, let's wrap things up!
  if ($isid) {
    return %string
  echo -a %string

Oh, also, you don't need the "/" at the beginning of each line in the alias, as evident by my snippet above.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Chatting on a little desktop window  -  Aug 09, 2013

If I'm not mistaken, mIRC has this functionality built in... Detatch the window and set to always on top. it would be with it windowed, the icon in the top left. Is it there?

Savage_CL commented on a Page, simple clone scanner  -  Aug 09, 2013

I wish you were more descriptive with your variables... This is neither a shortcode competition, nor a speed competition where microseconds may count. Other than that, solid logic. Looks good!

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Variable reader ($vget)  -  Nov 27, 2012

Just letting you know that I was, in fact, right. With echo, the color comes before the switches.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, mIRC Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++  -  Nov 05, 2012

By far my favorite program for mSL scripting is mSLdev, written by Wiz126. It's a complete mSL IDE, and does very well. You can find it here:

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Clipboard to Pastebin  -  Oct 10, 2012

Glad you like it, chorao. I would ask, however, that you get your own API key, as leaving mine in there was a mistake.

Savage_CL created a Page  -  Sep 29, 2012

Pretty easy, once you get it set up.

Savage_CL created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2012

It's really simple. Load it and use the alias: /memos

 Respond   mIRC  
Savage_CL commented on a Page, /BANSYNC Channel Ban Synchronization  -  Feb 01, 2012

I suggest you make use of $ibl and $modespl

Savage_CL commented on a mIRC Script, BlaCk List  -  Jan 30, 2012

It's a local channel ban list based on Nick, includes dialog.

Savage_CL commented on a mIRC Script, Chang Nick To bad Nick  -  Jan 23, 2012

I'll save everybody's time...

Bad Nick Protection  |  
Write By ~>MR.KolanG |

on *:NICK:{
  IF ((fuck isin $newnick) || (shit isin $newnick) || (Bad isin $newnick)) {
    VAR %i = 0
    WHILE (%i < $comchan($newnick,0)) { 
      INC %i 
      ban -u60 $comchan($newnick,%i) $newnick 3 
      kick $comchan($newnick,%i) $newnick Please CHange Nick!!
Savage_CL commented on a Page, IRCop Control Panel 2  -  Dec 30, 2011

Frenetic, it would be more like this....

mode $chan + $+ $str(v,$0) $1-


mode $chan + $+ $str(v,$0) $replace($snicks,$chr(44),$chr(32)) $$1
Savage_CL commented on a Page, Botserv Possesion version 2.1  -  Dec 30, 2011
; Botserv Possessor Version 2
; ( Was named Chanserv Possesor )
; This uses the TMFKSOFT Coder Tools
; By Thomas Edwards (TMFKSOFT) 2011

; Simply right click and select "Possess bot on #channel" or "Unpossess bot on #channel"
; Yes, it is now channel specific 

menu channel {
  BotServ Possessor
  . $iif($getvar($network,$chan,possessed) == 1,Unpossess,Possess) $chan $+ 's bot:/possess
alias -l possess {
  if ($getvar($network,$chan,possessed) == 1) {
    echo 4[BotServ Possessor] You no longer possess $chan $+ 's bot.
    unsetvar $network $chan possessed
  else {
    if ($me isop $chan) {
      echo 4[BotServ Possessor] You now possess $chan $+ 's bot.
      away I am possesing the bot on $chan via
      setvar $network $chan possessed 1
    else {
      echo 4[BotServ Possessor] Operator or above is required to possess $chan $+ s bot.
on 1:input:#:{
  if ($getvar($network,$chan,possessed) == 1) {
    if ($1 == /me) {
      raw -q privmsg botserv :act $chan $2-
    else if ($1 == /topic) {
      raw -q privmsg chanserv :topic $chan $2-
    else if ( isin $1) {
      raw -q privmsg botserv :say $1-
    else if ($left($1,1) == /) {
    else {
      raw -q privmsg botserv :say $chan $1-

alias setvar {
  set % $+ $1 $+ . $+ $2 $+ . $+ $3 $4-
alias getvar {
  return % [ $+ [ $1 ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] $+ . $+ [ $3 ] ]
alias unsetvar {
  unset % $+ $1 $+ . $+ $2 $+ . $+ $3

Adapted for a multi-network situation in which you might be in #chan on two different networks.

Good script

Cheers :)

Savage_CL created a Page  -  Dec 27, 2011
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Simple script which puts your timestamp in your toolbar. Commands are /startclock and /stopclock

Savage_CL created a Page  -  Dec 26, 2011

I wrote this alias to simplify reading dynamic variables. It uses a format similar to token identifiers. I'll give a few examples.

Savage_CL commented on a Page, RuneScape Adventurer's Log Viewer  -  Dec 24, 2011

@cptpan If you don't know what an Adventurer's Log is, it's not for you >.>

Savage_CL commented on a Page, OpMe, DopMe, VMe and DevMe aliases  -  Nov 25, 2011

Jethro that wouldn't work unless you already had +a or +q or were an IRCop....

Savage_CL commented on a Page, Abc & Mod Identifiers  -  Nov 09, 2011
abc return $calc($asc($lower($1)) - 96)

just another way :)

Savage_CL commented on a mIRC Script, Query ison checker  -  Nov 06, 2011

The scripts section is used for those script that require many files, such as Dani_l11's chess. It needs images. Or one like mine, which includes a readme and a logo file. This is a single file that serves a simple purpose and it should be, by hawkee standards, in the snippet section.

Savage_CL commented on a mIRC Script, Query ison checker  -  Nov 05, 2011

Why is this not posted in the snippet section, where it is so much easier for one file scripts to be downloaded and used?

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