Mar 10, 2010

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Isabel commented on a mIRC Script, n3rd v1  -  Mar 10, 2010

Hello, my name is Isabel. I'm a new (or soon to be new) user to mIRC and was wondering about this program.

Allow me to get a little more in detail. My small group and I have created a Gaming Website and we'd like to add in a chat client for our users. Someone suggested using IRC and thus, I downloaded mIRC from Now keep in mind I haven't really used this yet and I've only just started the trial about half an hour ago so forgive me if I ask stupid questions.

What I am wondering is if we set up a #Channel for our group and then go offline, that channel will be erased right? So basically any of our visitors can join our chat and then fully take control of it because maybe I'm sleeping or something and my computer is offline? I wanted to get a bot that can be online all the time and host the channel for us that way it is always open and always in control. Can this bot do that? If so, how?

Also we'd like users to be able to gather information by asking the bot in the event we're not online. Such as statistics on weapons, or general about us type info, is this possible?

My questions aren't limited to just these, I have plenty more but I could run the length of this "comment" if I asked them all so if anyone at all knows about this bot and what I can and cannot do and also how I can do those I'd be much appreciated. Also note, this is my very first time on this site and may not check it very often so if anyone has any information as to mIRC or this bot itself I'd much prefer email. My website is and we have a contact us link there.

Lots of thanks to you!

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