Feb 27, 2005

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mfk created a Page  -  Aug 28, 2005

Creat a file contact.php and put the code from the --- contact.php --- then create a file contact_send.php and paste the code from --- contact_send.php ---. Just put on your server and just the banners will be saved in the file FILES. please put in the contact_send.php on: $destinatar = "MAIL HERE"; your mail to lock like this: $destinatar = ""; . Enjoy..

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mfk commented on a Page, Simple Private Protection  -  Aug 09, 2005

yeah, i will make an update of this script soon, now i must finish some web sites, after i will work at it. 10x for your comments ^^

mfk commented on a Page, Simple Private Protection  -  Aug 09, 2005

i`m happy i can help you with this script ^^

mfk commented on a Page, /writereg  -  Aug 08, 2005

nice, gg

mfk created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2005

It`s simple, just paste the code on remote ( Alt + R ) and press OK, for any setings just see the Prv.Protect from the menubar. For any bugs and errors contact me at mail: or on undernet with nick mfk. enjoy

mfk created a Page  -  Jul 29, 2005

It`s a very simple away script, with a auto idle away. press Alt + R paste the code there and just click OK. is simple. for any bugs or help pm me or mail me on, or you can find me online on channel #mfk - UnderNet. For help press F2. thx

mfk created a Page  -  Apr 20, 2005

Is a simple guestbook for any site, just create 3 documents: addguestbook.php guestbook.txt index.php

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mfk created a Page  -  Feb 27, 2005

First copy the code into you`r page, or create one ( must be a .php page ), then create a document named page.txt and chmode the document to 777. Good luck !

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