Feb 27, 2005

Code Snippets

Fossa created a Page  -  Jun 08, 2018

Simple, effective nick grabber for stolen or occupied nicks, wrote a long time ago for networks without a nickserv (e.g. IRCnet).

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Fossa created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2006

This one resolves the real ip from a nick joining the channel where u on with a client (ircnet), if there is someone on the channel that uses the webchat the script checks who is the person and publish it (if you want).

Fossa created a Page  -  Feb 27, 2005

This will kick users who kicked added nicks in your list . Its possible to add/remove a nick thats on query. To load : type in mirc : /load- rs path/to/kickprotected.mrc and check menu/channel/query popup .

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