Jan 22, 2010
server -m irc.efnet.pl -j #IWWE

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H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Oct 12, 2015

i know this is being overly picky and asking a lot, but, since users have profiles. for their individual weather. i'm wondering if there's a way to make the !w and !weather triggers network + channel specific. so if a channel owner doesn't want to use !w for the full layout and just use !weather for the one-liner, they can choose to do so. and since the bot may be on two or more networks with the same channel name. that's why i put $network + $chan
thanks for continuing to update and provide this great script.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Admin System (v1)  -  Dec 05, 2013

looks good.
does this work for mutliple networks and channels?
does it look by name. or by user@host?
thats one thing im looking for in a access script.
good job so far. im looking forward to seeing this progress.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Youtube url detector for mIRC  -  Nov 22, 2013

wow. i cant believe that i requested this over two years ago. and its still getting great use for many many people.
Thanks to @FordLawnmower for continuing to keep updating this snippet and many more like it.
Your The Best.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, FML Random Generator  -  Feb 06, 2013

is there a way to get this updated. ive used it forever and am not sure how to fix it. i made a half-way trigger so it displays every 2 minutes automatically. if theres a way to update this and include the trigger for auto. id greatly appriciate it. thanks alot.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Top Ten Speaking Users  -  Oct 24, 2012

it would be nice if this was set to sort by user@host. cause after looking at the ini file. the amount of nicks that could be grouped is noteworthy.

H0LLYWOOD   -  Mar 21, 2012

@Hawkee nice job. always good to see this place constantly being maintained and upgraded for easier access.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Youtube url detector for mIRC  -  Dec 20, 2011

i do believe that YouTube changed their layout again. so this great working snippet is in need of its first update.
whoever has the time to update it. please do so. i appreciate the hard work all you ppl do for n00bs like me :D

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, YouTube URL "Detector" (v.8)  -  Jul 15, 2011

hey guys. i asked Ford_Lawnmower to look into updating this a couple days ago. and he did us the favor of making a updated script.
heres the url: http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/8814/

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Youtube url detector for mIRC  -  Jul 14, 2011

Ford_Lawnmower comes through in the clutch once again. thanks for an awesome job. this is exactly what i asked for. 10/10 +Like

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, YouTube Script 2.0  -  Jun 22, 2011

would it be possible to make it at least display some of this information?
[YouTube] Title: Vince Carter Top 10 In Your Face Dunks | Uploaded: 10/05/07 by yelistener | Length: 2:50 | Views: 712,361

or would anyone know where i could locate a working YouTube detector script. thanks
looks good tho N3M3S1S, glad to know ppl are still trying on this topic


wow, if i was the author, i would delete all your comments and ask for help from people that arent interested in bitching and complaining about others. (weather its a rewrite of someones snippet or just a simple edit) this is a sharing and help site ppl. so stop bitching and lets get back to the sharing and helping.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Walmart PeopleOfWalmart Search  -  Nov 29, 2010

i watched this idea being born, great idea by Dark|, great snippet by Ford_Lawnmower.
Gj Guys.

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Better Highlight  -  Jul 12, 2010

can you make the @Highlight window within the mIRC Client, and not on the taskbar please?

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, Auto Connect/Join/Identify v3  -  Jul 04, 2010

this snippet is a HUGE help for any user, and has replaced alot of scripts i used to have, it would also be great (at least for me) if it had oper logins(with a box for tick & unticking for useage) & undernet login. along with your nickserv stuff, could be a ghost function. not sure what else to ask for, its like making your christmas list. :D

H0LLYWOOD commented on a Page, No Limit Texas Holdem Poker  -  May 04, 2010

its been my experience that this site is for finished scripts, not for help, thats what forums are for...

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