Jan 05, 2010

Code Snippets

Meta created a Page  -  Sep 16, 2013

A simple regex tester. To activate, type /retest or just right click in any window and select "Regex Tester", then, simply follow the instructions in the dialog.

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Meta created a Page  -  Sep 15, 2013
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UPDATE: Incorporated Wiz126's $safe() alias to prevent unwanted evaluation caused by the timers. (informational link within comment in script)

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Meta created a Page  -  Apr 09, 2012

First release of an ASCII based battleship game. There are a few things I plan on adding (such as a help system) and there may be a few bugs, but the game should work.

Meta created a Page  -  Aug 11, 2011

UPDATE: Complete rewrite of the code. It's not pretty, but so far it works. Uses only two if statements. $v1 and $v2 appear to be working correctly thus far, unless used within the identifier. Thanks to SReject for helping on #msl. I have yet to test everything jaytea's mentioned.

Meta created a Page  -  Jun 25, 2011
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Just a semi-quick hangman snippet I've developed over the past couple of days. The coding is not the most elegant in the world, but I will probably improve it and/or shorten it later on.

Meta created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2010

Quick snippet that checks to see if the "level of person $1" is higher than the "level of $2." (or of "level $2" if .prefix property is used...) Should be useful for something. Whether the snippet returns $true or $false depends on several different things, and I'm not sure how to explain them all. So maybe examples will do better...

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