Dec 28, 2009

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wade2462 created a Page  -  Dec 17, 2010

Determines the file extension from a full filename.

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wade2462 commented on a Page, (AHK) Enable Any Window/Button You Click On  -  Sep 10, 2010

does this run on startup automatically or do I need to add it?

wade2462 created a Page  -  Jul 22, 2010

An Itunes Controller Class to well... Control Itunes... Make Sure to have the Itunes type class referenced to use this.

wade2462 created a Page  -  Jun 24, 2010

It Shortens everyday functions that are used with the console. Documentation in code using XML.

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wade2462 created a Page  -  Jun 20, 2010
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Not Yet completely finished... at least in my mind. Feel free to use this code in your own projects.

wade2462 created a Page  -  May 26, 2010

A ROT13 function that uses a switch. Simply pass in a string and get the modified string back. wait.h is simply a header I wrote to suspend the program using cin.get();

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wade2462 commented on a Page, ArrayCopy  -  May 26, 2010

^tried it but gave me errors. Thats what i thought too.

wade2462 commented on a Page, ArrayCopy  -  May 26, 2010

If sizes are the same copy across. If destination is bigger than fill in zeroes till the end. If source is bigger than cut it off.

wade2462 created a Page  -  May 25, 2010

Function to copy one array to another with bounds checking. It does work with all types. Copy this code into a header file called ArrayCopy.h. In main file code do this.

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wade2462 commented on a Page, Image Viewer  -  Apr 04, 2010

Ach my comment got all screwy.

wade2462 created a Page  -  Apr 04, 2010

This is a simple little image viewer i wrote for javascript enabled browsers. I prefer to do everything out of my browser so I wrote this up. I figure, I could share it with you. It actually works :). It can take built in pics from an array or a custom url. Hope you have fun with it!

wade2462 created a Page  -  Dec 28, 2009

I have some code that I wrote some code for an irc bot, part from a tutorial, and it will not sign into the server. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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