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evil-critter created a Page  -  Sep 05, 2012

This is from the script I use in yahoo rooms for a game/joke bot. This snippet will allow you to chat in a yahoo room, rooms list, & captcha window. this is very bare bones but it works. copy the script paste it into a new 'remotes' file in mIRC save it right click on the status screen in mirc, click on sign into yahoo. Enter your name and pass and the scriptsshould do the rest. Have fun :-)

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evil-critter commented on a Page, Decode Yahoo "Y" cookie   -  Feb 12, 2012

i left out the
menu status {
Decode Yahoo Y Cookie:/dialog -m y_cookie y_cookie
my bad

evil-critter created a Page  -  Feb 09, 2012

Paste the snippets into the remotes section Copy snippet from hawkee, open mirc press Alt+R, click "File" top left corner remotes section, paste snippet into blank remotes section, click File again and "Save As", Name it something like Ycookie.mrc to remember it easily.) once it's saved, click the OK button in remotes, then right click on the status screen on mIRC click "Decode Yahoo Y Cookie" to open..

evil-critter created a Page  -  Feb 04, 2010

TYVM Fordlawnmower, you're absolutely right, it's pretty sloppy on my part. I changed those things you mentioned the 'remove' has a dot to silence it, no more echoing it out, and the -t switch on the sockwrite. If you check those pages, somehow they dont seem to have headers, I use firefox to try an view the source and i couldnt, the 1st thing in the sockread is GIF89a on every read shrug. It just..

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evil-critter created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2010

I posted up a YMSG generic style login, and since then something happened that has prevented it from sending text to room. Not to mention it had typos (sorry). I've made a new connection using YMSG 17 protocol, Yahoos latest protocol. Theres Tons that can be done with this, its basically barebones login. With the packets coming on login there are buddy lists, ignore lists, alias name lists if you have..

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evil-critter created a Page  -  Dec 25, 2009

Here's the begining to a nice yahoo script if anyone is interested. Made by me, with the help of a lot of yahoo sites, forums. This is the YMSG 102 protocol, with the 'magic' log in. To use it paste it into a new remotes file, name it anything you want. close remotes, and in the mirc command line type /gochat. It should ask for a yahoo nickname and password. (the password box is plain text just fyi,..

evil-critter created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2009

This snippet, Gets an updated list of yahoo chat rooms. It adds a popup to the status to open a dialog. Once the dialog opens, a socket to yahoo rooms list is opened (insider.msg.yahoo.com) and retrieves the category list right away, and lists the categories into the dialog left window (after some /filtering and writing files). Double clicking inside the left window on a category will open another..

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