Dec 04, 2009

Code Snippets

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2010

Amsg script, works over servers, has a channel ignore list and i even made it with a dialog so its idiot proof :). /Ad or click background to start.

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DarkCoder created a Page  -  Feb 12, 2010

My advance query control, It has some features like.

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Jan 30, 2010

My random insult bot, its very simple to use. Load it in your remote (Alt R). And then make another person type @Insult To message the channel or ./!Insult to notice the person. It comes with flood control allowing one insult per every 9 seconds and every insult it updates its internal insult list.

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Jan 02, 2010
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Not one of my greater scripts, just decided to make it. You put it in your remote and let somone type hi/hello/sup/hey/waddup and it messages them back what they said, I might think about adding stuff but i doubt this will gets positive feed back or anything else :P.

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Dec 31, 2009
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I couldnt find any other hilight scripts with dialogs :\ i took some of the ideas for people who logged hilights etc, completely remade it tho, put in a anti hilight list for bots etc, doesnt support address/wildcards tho :<.

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Dec 16, 2009

http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/7003/ - This is Gooshies network alias with some things i added on. This is just an edit of gooshies network alias that i use that has $network(1).id so it tells you the con id, great for multi server messaging etc and i use it in many scripts. This is 95% gooshies and 5% mine, i do not claim any credit for this other than the edit :P.

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Dec 09, 2009

This is another dialog that iv made :). The dark code blacklist :D. it works by finding an address and banning it, you can check the channel for blacklisted address via the right click button >Blacklist>Check Channel. Rate nicely please :D?

DarkCoder created a Page  -  Dec 05, 2009
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A very simple bomb game, You can either type /bomb or right click anything and hit the Bomb Game button, You click the "Defuse Bomb" Button and then you pick a colour and cut the wire, The score shows your score, if you just start, it shows 0.

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