Nov 26, 2009

Code Snippets

D34th created a Page  -  May 27, 2011

***** This dialog is coded completly in DCX. If you do not have the DCX.dll and its aliases this script will not work for you

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D34th created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2011

This is my Chatspace and iRCD Identify script. This holds 2 passwords in %'s and if it is on it identifys for you.

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 25, 2010

Another of my scripts that i think users would find helpful from my upcoming r00t` iRCNote r00t asin linux administration NOT skiddie rooting users for a botnet anyways simple to use you click the type Kline Akill Click Add Delete Then click execute If you choose kill there is no need for add / delete to be selected and having either selected will not effect the script also this script is to be used..

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 22, 2010

This is my room manager from my upcoming r00t` iRC **Note***: Root asin linux admin not root asin skiddie compromizing machines now that thats outta the way -.- This system is simple to use click owner / mod / voice then click add / delete then type in the roomaname in the first Edit with the # < important Then the nick you wish to add / Delete the ownership / moderator / voice of and click execute..

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 22, 2010

This is my timed ban dialog this allows a moderator or an admin to set a ban for a user for 30 minutes or 1 hour or infinite this snippet it sets the ban for the user then unbans them in the amount of time specified by the checks it can be done by Nick/Ip/Host/ident just enter it into the edit and then click the time u wish the ban to stay for and click addban =) any questions / comments would be helpful..

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 08, 2010

This command is one i made for a server im administrator on. It is a command made for Chatspace users who are on xchat. This command joins a room and will then register the room and delete your sop then add the SOP of the user who you registered the room for

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D34th created a Page  -  May 23, 2010

This is my Wraith mp3 created by me. For though's of whom do not know i go by WraithRIOT on a lot of servers. This mp3 has been featured in many of my scripts that I privately release to friends. There is no riped code to this although the Sconamsg alias was not made by me it was made by Hitman Aka Maddy I do have his permission to use it in this script. Also this script requires the use of the..

D34th created a Page  -  Mar 05, 2010

This is my simple server selection list it does have visual effects done by a dll called MDX.dll it will function without the effects to remove the effects remove the following code:

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D34th created a Page  -  Mar 05, 2010

Well this was origonally me "Anti Script Kiddie list" i changed it to be a blacklist and updated it to work with an address of a user

D34th created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2010
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This is my kill list ive recently had some problems with a few noobs connecting to my chat and one that i admin on. So i threw this together this morning and decided to upload it. Hopefully it will help out someone.

D34th created a Page  -  Feb 19, 2010

This, is very simple to use i made a edit bar at the bottom that you enter peoples nicknames into and the rest is just click lol.

D34th created a Page  -  Jan 16, 2010

Tritan - mp3 once again another code from my upcomeing iRc this is my first mp3 with dialog and i think it works pretty well please leave comments with input on what you think of it

D34th created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2010
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If you have gone through some of my other script you may know that i am makeing a new script called Tritan - iRc and i have been uploading some of the snippets of code to get input on them and this is my theme for it and i wanted to see what you all think of it you do need to have a timestamp for it to work correctly so here it is and i hope you like it please give suggestions and you may need to add..

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D34th created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2010

Simple awaysystem decided to upload out of boredum and figure it will help someone out let me know if u have ideas or find a bug i tested it and theres not much to test but who knows maybe some bug lol

D34th created a Page  -  Dec 29, 2009

Well this is just a simple little snippet but i decided to post it anyways since i dont seem to find any here normaly or i dont think there are any i dont know but its a script and computer stats shows the name of your script if u have %script set with the name of the script for any noobs that dont know how to set a varibal its /set %Script YourScriptNameHere the random Numbers are colors so put the..

D34th created a Page  -  Dec 25, 2009

This is my nick and name caller. i hope that it helps people, i know it helps me a lot since i am normally idle. Feel free to change it how u wish. it is very simple and i will be adding flood protection to it for the few noobs that spam it just to flood me.

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 27, 2009

This is my Black list its really really simple i made it for my gf but modifyed the code for all users so it didnt have her name all over it lol so yeah i hope it helps someone it works on a text file called shitlist.txt leave comments / suggestions

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 26, 2009

This Awaysystem is part of my script Death - iRc i had help on it from tektro and i hope you all enjoy it it is simple click set after typeing in the away nick and the away reason then click away

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 26, 2009

my input commands they work for chatspace some would work for iRcD servers i think i dont know for sure i only code for chatspace commands please leave comments

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