Nov 22, 2009

mIRC Code Snippets

jsg55 created a Page  -  Feb 03, 2010

my first atempt at a socket, grabs a random quote from givesmehope.com, hope i didnt mess too much stuff up. also i used the nohtml alias from a script i saw knoeki post on this site once. which would be found here http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/5880/ thanks knoeki, there was some gmh snippets posted in that link but i couldnt get any of them to work, and thanks for any constructive criticism from anyone..

jsg55 created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2010

lame first attempt at regex :S

jsg55 created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2010

if someone says brb it sets them as being away, status will tell you if the person is away.

jsg55 created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2010
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runescape dming game based off some bots i got banned from on swiftirc. i apologise for any mistakes and also for my sloppy codeing :). updates: fixed a couple glitches concerning the store and the hp bar's.

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