Nov 15, 2009
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mIRC Code Snippets

TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Jan 28, 2011
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An All In One Private Chat

TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Jan 22, 2010

This allows you to scan incoming connects on your IRC network and checks if they are blacklisted, you can set up to 6 dnsbl hosts name IRCOP is Required Ban method: G-Line

TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Jan 01, 2010

This is my Age Logger for Every room and server Enjoy

TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Dec 30, 2009

i only have http proxys on here but feel free to send me socks 4 and 5 to my e-mail

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TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Nov 26, 2009

WARNING THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR 6.xx or below Due to 7.1 This dialog won't work for 7.1 Thank you for understanding, This is a ACP. It has almost everything an Channel owner/IRCop needs. Post your ideas below and i'll add it up.

TophBeiFong created a Page  -  Nov 15, 2009

my new mirc script

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