Mar 04, 2014

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SneakyAzShiite commented on a Page, On Join  -  Mar 05, 2014

Is there any chance i can get further assistance on this? I have a welcome script and am trying to fix it up for my twitch chat. They have a rule of no more than 30messages over 20seconds and i wanna make sure i dont break that rules again. I talked to xangold and he told me what i need.

xangold- "Add them to a hashtable, check the table every 1.6 seconds, and remove top message and send it or add them to a window if you must have them sequentially sent."
me- "I've been looking to change it to welcome multiple people if they join together. That only counts as one msg right?"
xangold- "Correct, that was the "merge" part (plus it looks nicer)"

Hopefully this is an appropriate place to ask for help? Im really new at this and am working to learn it.

This is my basic "join" message-
on *:JOIN:#: { msg $chan Welcome $nick to my stream, enjoy the nuggets!! }

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