Oct 25, 2009

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LaTiNo created a Page  -  Jul 25, 2010

instead of holding complicated, here's a simple code that works as AUTOGHOST, using your alternate nick on mIRC. When someone else is using your nickname or have a bad connection, and you're using mIRC, the program automatically connects you with your alternative nickname, that lets you kill the ghost.

LaTiNo created a Page  -  Jun 20, 2010

Hi Friend. I want to share this simple snippet that have:

LaTiNo created a Page  -  Apr 07, 2010

Sorry, someone know how I can to see the results in a single line of this snippets?...

LaTiNo created a Page  -  Mar 28, 2010

Hello again.

LaTiNo created a Page  -  Mar 28, 2010

Hello, these are the commads for Bot's master for to use in the channel. First Your need to have a level 100 Just paste the following code at your mIRC Remote: ALT+R

LaTiNo commented on a Page, Caps Kicker For A Bot  -  Oct 25, 2009

I cannot to use your CAPS PROTECTION.. :S!
Make more easy to use it ! On a Dialog.. is best
I don't understand nothing

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