Sep 25, 2009

Code Snippets

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Dec 09, 2018

i'm working on my own twitch bot i'm trying to get the bot to connect to my twitch the followers section and return who's following me if anyone could help i'd appreciate it is the link to the site

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2016
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This is my mp3 player standard features such as play pause stop repeat 1 song repeat all songs and shuffle, has two tabs one for the songs the other for spam options to add folders of music to the player click file then directory then add

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 09, 2014

This snippet is functional as is but i plan to use more basically it's for chatspace chats when someone brings clones on it will scan every nick on the server check if it's regged or not and if it isn't regged it will kill them off the server just type /unregkill to start it. Obviously must be oper or admin to use this

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blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2014
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This is a snippet that will allow you to have a three way chat with people privately,instead of in a channel. Just right click in the nicklist/channel and click threewaychat. It will pop up asking you who you want to threewaychat with it's pretty self explanatory anyone finds bugs or needs help with it just let me know. input scripts can mess with this if you try to use it turn them off. also you have..

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blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 19, 2013

i know it's not very big or anything major but i got bored and tossed this together in a few seconds. it auto lists the channel list when you connect to a server. and for those that don't allow you to list within a certain ammount of time of connecting it will automatically retry the listing within the proper ammount of time

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blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Oct 30, 2012
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Basically what this is is a profile system for mIRC which allows you to easily allow more than one person use one irc client or if you have multiple nicks with different info for each of them this will allow you to easily change information it should be self explanatory once it's open if you have questions ask this was a forum request by @unseen it's not 100% completed i plan to tweak it a bit and..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jul 04, 2012

This is basically a dialog that acts as an online buddy list. When it's open it will display your online/offline people in your notify list in one of the two list boxes. When you change windows if the window you change to is connected to a different server it will auto change the people shown to the ones in that server. This is basically a beta i'm not done with it yet. If you click the edit button..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 28, 2012
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Ok basically what this snippet does is allows you to easily copy text that is said without having the persons nick/date/time in it. Type /copytext either in a channel or a pm it will message the channel or person that they have 40 seconds to paste their code/text for you to copy after they send it you can then just open word/scripts editor and paste in what you got without having to worry about removing..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Mar 16, 2012
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Ok well i decided to make a new memo system its a lot better than my older ones and is actually pretty self explanatory. When you get a memo it will open and list all the memo's you have in your inbox. From there you can either A. double click a memo in the list to open and read it B. single click a memo then click the read button to read it C. click a memo and click reply which will auto bring up..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jan 14, 2012
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Another script i was asked to do meant for chatspace. This script is meant for people who do not host their own chatspace and have to go through someone to get opers/admins added to the admin/oper list and also for people to help protect against people not admin getting admin. first things first with the server as the active server you can right click a persons name then go to safelist and add them..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jan 11, 2012
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Ok i made this for a friend who recently had his server completely taken over mass rooms regged and everything. Kinda sucked haha but was good for me cause i got a new script idea. I have yet to see anything like this on hawkee or any other forum site so here it is my Mass room Dropper meant for chatspace servers. What you do is load into a new remotes then save. then when your ready to use it type..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2012
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Now i know this can be done a million ways. Using .txt files or ini's or hash tables but i chose to use .txt files. Basically i made this because i use both chatspace servers and ircd and it was pissing me off that i couldn't get a reliable way to check for each because some commands on chatspace do different things than on ircd simple command would be .mode # +q. On chatspace it gives the person quiet..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Sep 29, 2011
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This is a simple alias used to ghost your nicks from all servers you on. in case you dc then rc for w.e reason net drop etcetc to ghost yourself quickly this is meant for people who use the same pw for all server. or if you have a way or storing them via txt/ini etcetc you can set it to read from them thats how i have it set via my script it reads from my ini's for the proper pw from the server/network. How..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2011

Been meaning to do this one for a while and a friend today decided to ask me for help with messing with the emoticon bs. so i decided i was messing with it anyways may as well give it a go:D this snippet changes mirc's default way of showing when someone uses emoticons. this is how mirc shows emoticons that java users use

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Aug 23, 2011

This is a simple away system that also has an auto away feature to it. Open a new remote put in there save it. Then right click in the nicklist and go to tools then away system. In the away system area you will see lots of settings the first things you want to do are A. go down and click set your away nick. put the nick you want in the box that pops up for your away nick then click ok. B. go back into..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jul 05, 2011

Ok this is done a bit differently all you do is load this on your bot then do .search nickhere/iphere. screen shot of an example it returns all nicks with the ip if you do ip and it will tell you one channel they are in. this uses the /who command so you don't even have to have the person in the room with you the /who command does a full site scan. Now complications with this are it works perfectly..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 18, 2011

Simple Channel greet system for a bot. Add to a new remotes file then just do !setgreet greethere and everytime you enter the channel you set it on it will greet you with your preset greet. You can reset your greet as well with the !resetgreet command. And check it with !checkgreet.

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 15, 2011

Ok this is an overhaul on my original code which im having deleted so i can just keep this one up. I took time redid how its set up for control. There are now 3 levels of command. Owner which can control everything. Chan Owner which can control everything in their channel. And Chan User which can only control what a normal mod can within the channel.

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 15, 2011
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Ok this was requested of me so i figured id give it a go. Anyways this is meant for a bot that is admin and is for sites that allow people to create a room only after a certain ammount of invites. Load into a new remote file on your bot. Then go into the Menubar or Nicklist to access the user access and invite ammount settings set your nick as safelisted then set the ammount of invites you want a person..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 13, 2011
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Right click menu function for saving/deleting pw's for servers/networks you can save as many as you want just right click go to pass saver go to the proper type of server chatspace or ircd and add your pw. Add to a new remotes file. ok update can now store OPER pw's just go to the passaver then go to oper pw's choose if its an ircd or a chatspace site your saving it for then enter your hostname then..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 13, 2011
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It was requested of me so i made it. Here is my simple age script for a bot. Add to a new remotes file then save it. whenever someone joins the channel the bot will ask their age they do !age agehere ex !age 18 and the bot stores it from then on it won't ask them their age. To check a persons age do !checkage nickhere. To update someones age they can do !updateage newagehere. So if they have a birthday..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 12, 2011

I know its nothing new but i decided to try my hand at a !seen script i was bored what can i say anyways load into a new remotes file. whenever a nick parts/joins/getskicked/quits it will write the info into an ini then when you do !seen nickhere it will tell you when the nick was last seen. gives time in central standard u.s time meant for a bot

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 10, 2011
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Put it into a NEW remotes file either on your script or a bots if on a bots the command is @nfact if on your personal script is /nfact will randomly post a chuck norris joke/fact

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  Jun 01, 2011

Add to a new remotes file then /hop or join a room it will color the nicks in the nicklist depending on their status voice mod owner halfop reguser thanks napa and scakk for the help ok added a second version for those of you who would like to be able to change colors easily. it now has a right click menu where you can choose colors for each type of mode. also you can easily unset them to make it go..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 17, 2011
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This is my version of a wallops bar. I really don't like them docked so i did an @window instead just load into a new remotes and you can either A restart mirc it will open when mirc starts or B. right click in a channel query status or nicklist and go to wallops and it will open it. after that just wait. can right click in the wallops window to either A. clear the window or B. close it

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 16, 2011
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Well this was originally just going to be a room control dialog that allowed for easy adding/deleting of mods changing the room greet changing the topic adding bans/deleting bans adding quiets/deleting quiets. but i added a third tab that has admin commands on it. Ok when you first open it it will open on tab 100. Make sure to open it while a Channel is the active window once open at the top it will..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 12, 2011
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This dialog allows you to easily change your version reply's open a new remotes file paste it there and save it. It has three settings on/off if off when someone versions you they won't get a reply at all when on you can choose from random reply or have a set reply. Add your version replies to the txt file via the edit box at the top then if you want to just have it use one reply click a version reply..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 11, 2011
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Nick caller. copy/paste into a new remotes file change where it says nick2/name to a second nick of yours or your name. then save. right click in either the nicklist the query window channel window or status window or you can go to your menubar menu and go to nickcaller to turn it on. once on if mirc is the active application it will echo in the active channel saying nick called you in chan on server...

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 11, 2011

As the title says its a 3D text talker. turn it on and select the colors you want and you get 3D looking text the original version was made by Jethro_ me and lucius did some edits to it though so that you can choose diff colors for the text instead of it always being the same can also do underline and bold. put into a new remotes then right click in the nicklist,query or channel go to 3d text choose..

blackvenomm666 created a Page  -  May 06, 2011

Allows you to easily make/edit your profile while in mirc meant for chatspace only. load into remotes There is a separate right click option one so you can change it via rightclick in the nicklist and check your profile with an @window

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